Thurlowed Cambie

Remember my blue Cambie?


(Not the most recent picture of it, just my favorite =p)

Welp, due to some terrible noobish seam finishing which I mentioned earlier, it was coming all kinds of undone.

Thurlowed Cambie 12

Holes in seams…

Thurlowed Cambie 13


You know. The usual fally-aparty type stuff. So in the spirit of “Make do and mend”:

Thurlowed Cambie 14

I cut up the dress and used it to make some Thurlow shorts! Now, I’d made a muslin using the largest size (16, I think? I could be wrong, I don’t have it right here with me), and had some craziness going on with my crotchal area (doesn’t everyone, though, with pants?). There was a mysterious wedge that needed to be taken out, which is okay, that’s fine, Lauren mentioned having to do something similar. Only, my problem was this:

Thurlowed Cambie 17 Thurlowed Cambie 18

That is a mothertruckin’ two inch wedge, y’all. How would it even be possible to have to take out that much?? I’m not even a “petite” person, guys! It seemed so extreme that I even emailed Lauren to ask her how the hell this is possible (also, wouldn’t this give me the world’s tiniest, most useless fly?). She offered me some sage advice, and I decided to make myself a “wearable” (hopefully) muslin. And, well, the Cambie was sitting there, all holey and teary-aparty and whatnot, so I figured “well, that’s a damn good way to ensure I don’t waste expensive fabric, right?”.

Thurlowed Cambie 01 Thurlowed Cambie 02

So there we go! Some wearable-ish shorts. Spoiler alert: I only took 1 inch out of the crotch depth, instead of 2, to test the waters. I’m not one to worry overmuch about “whiskering” and “crotch issues” and all that (as long as I can still wear the shorts, ha!), so I figured if it gave me a little baby fupa, who cares? As the ancient Chinese proverb says, It is better to err on the side of FUPAness than to have a fly that is too short and useless. Right? I’m pretty sure I had a fortune cookie that said that once….

Thurlowed Cambie 03 Thurlowed Cambie 04

So, I’m not really sure about that whole crotch-depth nonsense, but I think it’s possible that the reason I was getting the fupa in the first place is that I wanted my shorts to sit lower on my hips than the pattern was drafted for. I like for my pants to sit up higher on my rise than my shorts do, is that weird?

Thurlowed Cambie 05 Thurlowed Cambie 07

They’re a little loose, even sitting this low on my hips, but if they sat up higher (where they should as drafted, and probably where they will as pants), they’d definitely be too big in the waist. Meanwhile, my ass is still nom-ing on the fabric a little bit, so I need to add more to the … idk crotch depth, height, fuckit-curve, whatever. I actually added 1/2″ to it after my green muslin shorts, but apparently it needs to be a bit more. Still, I’m wearing these suckers out and about; it’s not, like, Wedgie City.

Thurlowed Cambie 06

 I got confused about whether the right side should be on the inside or the outside of my pocket bags, so I ended up with pockets that look better from the inside of my shorts than the outside. Whatevs, the fabulous pocket facings prevent anyone from seeing the wrong side, and when I take my shorts off, the pocket lining and waistband facing all match, so PARTY ON, Y’ALL!

Thurlowed Cambie 08 Thurlowed Cambie 10

This is the part where every blogger ever apologizes for wrinkles. PSH. It’s cotton fabric, guys, it’s wrinkled as fuqq, and that’s after I ironed it. Who gives a damn?

Thurlowed Cambie 09 Thurlowed Cambie 11

DID YOU SEE MY WELT POCKETS? They’re fucking amazing. I followed Lauren’s tutorial (geez, Kristi, stalker much?), and after I had finished, I sat there staring at my INCREDIBLE WELT POCKETS, going


I was feeling SO smug, guys. Obviously, I was amazing, and SO SMART, and maybe even superior to Batman in this one thing. (Did Batman train really hard to be the best at double welt pockets? Duh.)

Then I looked at the pattern instructions. LOLWHUT. WTF DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN? Which side goes up? How is sews? Where scissor?

Sooooo…yeah. I slunk back to my batcave in ashamed gratitude for the internet and all of its many wonderful hand-holding, picture-infused tutorials.

 Let me wrap this up with a pro-tip: the pattern piece for the belt loops is going to be cut into sixths. SO, if you don’t have quite enough fabric to put that piece on, who cares! Cut it in half (like I did), or thirds or whatever you gotta do to make it fit. Use the shit out your fabric, so there’s barely even threads left over when you’re done with it. I feel super thrifty for doing these shorts this way, and I’m one step closer to my goal of pants-makingness in 2014!

 Thurlowed Cambie 15Thurlowed Cambie 16

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Me-Made-May Week 4-5 & Also Mopin’

Sometimes, Scout is mopey. When she is mopey, she is no longer Scout; she is Pout.


I have been Pout lately. Look, let’s just rip off the bandaid:

05-27 2  05-27 1

The most adorable life-ruiner I’ve ever met ate my camera.

Duncan Life

Ate. My. Camera.

We never even found the SD card. Presumably, he ate it whole. (He’s okay.)

I was doing such a great job of documenting stuff for Me-Made-May, but what really had (has) me bummed out is that all my pictures of unposted projects were on that camera (like my sister’s Ball Gown, which I had shipped out already, so I’ll never be able to take those pics again).

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a replacement camera; that one was a gift. Cameras just aren’t that high of a priority when it comes time to make the monthly budget. =/

But anyway, while I am still very much a Pout, I’m trying to shake it off. I mean, I did a pretty good job with Me-Made-May, and I’ve been making stuff and…stuff…I’ll dePout eventually.

5/22-5/26 is gone forever. You aren’t missing much, though, I’ve been repeating everything.


05-27-14 01 05-27-14 02

Me-Mades: Pink Lace NL6000 & Stiff-upper-lip-that-isn’t-crying-despite-just-discovering-camera-was-eaten.



Me-Mades: Blue Cambie (Last time I wore it, actually! Le Gasp! Deets later!)



Me-Mades: Green McCalls 6696. I took this pic last minute, haha! See The Boy’s foot? He’s already in bed, ha!



Me-Mades: Trifecta Top! This picture is actually a Dramatic Recreation. I didn’t get a pic of the top on Friday, but I wore it again on Sunday, at my parents’ house. They have some marvelous light in that guest bedroom, beeteedubs.


05-31-14 01

Me-Mades: Pink Alma blouse! I wore this to a cousin’s graduation party (she’s this crazy  awesome doctor-baker-plant-grower-generally-amazing person, it’s INSANE), where I basically spent the whole time playing soccer and football with little cousins. I had a blast. =D

Oh, and just for you:

05-31-14 02

I was trying to make a funny face, but I couldn’t position the phone right, so you get half a funny face. ORRRR: look in the mirror on the side, there. HA!

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MMM14 Week Three

Week Three, y’all! There was a tiny bit of repeating, but whattayagonnado, right? I’m pretty much completely tapped out on non-repeating outfits, so I guess I’ve discovered I have right around 3 weeks’ worth of clothes, haha!



  Me-mades: Black Cambie-ish Corduroy Skirt

 Remember that cold front that the Rainbringer brought? It made it so I could actually wear this hot little thang! It’s just a tad too short for me to comfortably wear to work without opaque tights, but the cold front caused me to break out the tights again, ha!



 Me-mades: *New* Black short-sleeved Plantain Tee

I made this at the same time that I made the Trifecta Top! It’s made using the *FREE* Plantain Tee pattern from Deer & Doe. It was a test-version, using the same black stash knit I used for my Trifecta Top (also, the “V-neck” [lol it's SO not a v-neck] Renfrew). Again, more will be made soon! I’m making my sister’s ~Senior Ball Gown~ right now, but once that’s done, my serger and I are going to make some sweet sweet love, wait, no, t-shirts! I’m SUPER EXCITED, Y’ALL!



 Me-mades: Same as 5/16, only with additional me-made blue fuzz from pieces of blue satin* that sheds like a mofo. No pictures of it, though, so here! Have an Idaho! This is the best picture I’ve ever managed to take of him. He NEVER sits still.

* Remember how I said I’m making my sister’s Senior Ball Gown? She wanted blue satin.


05-18-14 1 05-18-14 2

 Me-mades: Brown Alma

I, um, I feel like my face would look less smug if I’d had the camera up higher. Maybe. Or maybe I was all like “psh, camera, I’m so much better than you, you leetle beetch”. Who really knows? Maybe I was like FUCK YES SHORTS WEATHER WHY AM I INSIDE.


05-19-14 1 05-19-14 2

 Me-mades: Same Gray Charlotte Skirt, and also my Emma Pillsbury Bow-Collar Blouse. W00t Wisconsin wedges, too, but that shizz is getting old to type out. I wear them a LOT, guys. I need more wedges, since they’re basically the only heels I can wear all day, ha!


05-20-14 1 05-20-14 2

 Me-mades: *New* Green McCalls 6696

This pattern was available in a plus-size (fucking SCORE, cause most of the cute plus-size patterns are few and far between at my local Lobby del Hobby) while I was looking for more plus-size patterns **STAY TUNED FOR AWSOMENESS ON THAT FRONT** and I had to have it for myself, ha!

I’m going to wait to post more about this dress until I can make another one, cause I frickin’ love it (mostly); but I will say that when I searched the pattern to link to, HAHA there’s those prop bikes Lauren hates!

And oh look. Those shoes again. ;p




 Me-mades: Yellow Charlotte Skirt

This skirt is Le Suck, because the waistband is just horrible. It was my second time making a Charlotte Skirt (first was during the BHL sew-along [I just tried to link to it, and it looks like it has disappeared, whomp whomp]), and so OBVIOUSLY I was an expert and could just do whatever I wanted. I made the waistband TWICE as tall (I guess I wanted it to sit up higher…? idk PastKristi, but PresentKristi is pretty disappoint, man), but decided not to taper it in (which would’ve at least allowed it to hug my waist, instead of surrounding it without actually touching it [waistband fortress!!]), and OH INTERFACING WHO NEEDS THAT?  


 Anyway, TL;DR is this skirt is being held up by my hips, and is being held in by my nifty elastic belt. It puffs out awkwardly, especially in the back, so I wear a cardigan always. This cardi is NOT my Tardis Miette (seen here). That was tragically thrown in the washing machine, and because it was 100% wool, it ended up too small to even fit Duncan by the time it made it out of the washing machine. (The Boy thoughtfully did not throw it in the dryer, just for me. -_-)

This cardigan is 100% cashmere, 100% thrifted from Goodwill for six bucks. You guys. I LOVE cashmere! I had no idea, until I was running my hands over the racks at Goodwill (just for funzies, I like textures), and was halted by the feel of this stuff. It actually fit (AMAZING), so I decided to grab it. Heck yes!!

This led to my resolution to knit a cashmere sweater. I don’t know if you’ve priced any yarn lately, but holy SHIT cashmere yarn is expensive. If I were making a single cashmere sock, maybe it could be in my price range but HA on a sweater. I’ll definitely be having to do a cashmere BLEND (like merino/silk/cashmere, maybe?), and what better time to do so than NOW, as part of the Outfit-along that’s about to go down!

Andi & Lauren are hosting, and since I frakkin love both patterns (sweaterdress) they’re using, I definitely want in on that shizz! I still have to buy my patterns, and yarn/fabric, but I’m thinking YES PLEASE, y’all.

      So who else wants to try tackling a dress + sweater combo? Supposedly it’s gonna be nice and easy for beginners, and you’ll feel SO pro when you finish up!

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So, ‘member how much I loved the skirt on this darling little clusterfuck? Welp, I decided to take a break from the incessant fiddling with the bodice (which NEVER turns out right, UGH) to make a nice, simple skirt from the pattern.

I ordered some plaid on sale at (I ordered 4 yards, cause SCAWWY PLAID-MATCHING, hahahaha now I have like 2.5 yards or some shit, wtf Kristi). It’s a polyester “suiting”-type of fabric, kinda scratchy but not horrible. It has these cool golden threads woven into the plaid, but it’s not all crazy-sparkle-shit or anything.

But anyway, who cares?! Let’s see some mo-fo-in pictures, already!

SAM_1331 SAM_1332

The first time I cut this skirt out, I got confused and matched up the plaid seamlessly…across the front and back…so it just looked like my whole skirt was sideways. I wanted that perfect matching at the side seams, but I wanted the front and back to give me the chevrons from a mirror-image sort of match (WOW did that make ANY sense?).

ANYWAY, I recut, and fixed it. Ish.

SAM_1334 SAM_1333

See the difference between the back (left) and the side (right)? The back is “mirrored”, whereas the side is just matched up straight across (er…more or less).

Oh, also pockets, ’cause DER.


SAM_1339 SAM_1338

The pattern-matching at the side seams sort of suffered from my miscalculation in cutting out. I thought my waist was much bigger than it is (I always do that, why?), so I lopped off the top of the skirt pieces (like cutting off the top of a triangle, sorta), and then had to take the skirt way in, cause that was stupid. 

TL;DR: it matches up just enough so you know I tried, without actually properly matching at all, haha!


Ender, you are a lazy bum.

I had one fabulous large purpley-gray button in my stash, so I used that. Also, I used a regular zipper, but did a meh job of insertion. I didn’t feel like handstitching it in, for unknown reasons. (Seriously, in retrospect, this makes ZERO sense.)


Buttonhole was done on my machine (it’s a 4-step buttonhole, and I pretty much hate it, btw. My machine pulls the fabric through way too quickly to make a decent buttonhole, so I have to fight my machine the whole time, slowing the fabric down so it has time to make stitches in it. This could possibly be the first sign of the robopocalypse**. Stay tuned for more details.)

SAM_1346 SAM_1343

See that awesome gold thread I was talking about? Oh, and, haha! I used the blue fabric from my pink lace NL6000 as an “interfacing” for the waistband. You can see it in the buttonhole, haha.

*Side note: I have some really excellent interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply, and I hoard it. I make all these things that I feel aren’t ~good enough~ to use my fancy interfacing. WTF? I’ve heard of people doing that with fabric, like silk or whatnot, but I don’t do that at all. If I have fabric, I’m’a use it! But this interfacing is SSSSSSPECCCCCIALLLL IT IS MY PRECIOUSSSS I LOVE IT FOREVER. Seriously, it’s like all your life, you’ve been using those recycled brown paper towels to dry off after a shower, and finally someone hands you a nice, thick terrycloth towel. It’s that dramatic of a difference. I will never again buy that crappy interfacing from Joann or Hobby Lobby or whatever.*

Anyway!  Inside out:


I machine stitched some more rayon seam binding to the waist-seam, and then did an invisible catchstitch to hold it down. It’s a fairly nice way to reduce bulk, and it was fun to sew it in bright pink thread, knowing it wouldn’t show on the right side.


I also did an invisible catchstitch for the hem, using bright yellow hem tape. Naturally, I used bright yellow thread to go with it. BUT WHERE ARE THE STITCHES, HUH, BITCHES? Seriously. I’m so proud of myself. For the record, I did NOT come into this knowing all these hand stitches or anything. I just looked up some tutorials, and practiced, and voila! Fucking pro, man.

SAM_1349  SAM_1352

But yeah, that whole machine-inserted zipper makes no sense, now, huh? Haha! 

**Incidentally, a friend recommended a book to me by the name of “Robopocalypse” (NOT an affiliate link or anything, just a google search result). He said that, despite its rather unfortunate name, it’s actually pretty decent. After reading it (as an ebook on my phone, btw), I’d definitely agree, and recommend it to anyone that’s into a little sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s written in a sort of a memoir style, which kinda reminded me of World War Z. So there ya go.

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MMM14 Week Two

Hey, y’all! Sorry about the tardiness; we’ve had issues with our internet. Probably due to the fact that the jack they installed for our internet connection isn’t actually attached to the wall, but rather dangles on the floor next to it. Jackasses.

So anyway! MMMay, right? It’s been a lot of fun, so far! It’s not included in my…what? Declaration of Participation?…but I’ve actually been trying to prevent repeats for this challenge. I didn’t include it in my…pledge?…because I don’t think it’s possible (yet) with my wardrobe to avoid any repeats. I’m definitely going to see how far I can stretch it, though, and I think by the time the next challenge rolls around, I might actually be able to pull it off.



 Me-mades: Blue Cambie & W00t Wisconsin Wedges

This poor thing has just about had it. Some seams are coming apart thanks to my noobish lack of finishing seams, and there isn’t much I can do to fix it at this point.


 05-09-14 1  05-09-14 2

Me-mades: Pretty Pretty Princess top

True facts: I only wore this because I was at a loss for what to wear that was Me-Made and still casual enough to wear with jeans. I know I don’t have to wear jeans just because I’m allowed to on Fridays, but damn I love jeans. They’re basically my sweatpants.


05-10-14 1 05-10-14 2

Me-mades: Red Alma Blouse

 We went to a BBQ Cookoff (same one we went to last May, actually), and I decided this would be the final time I’d wear my poor Red Dead Alma. It was a wonderful top for the occasion, all breezy and drapey, and not-looking-totally-sloppy (ignore all the holes that were fraying, shush). Also, it gave me a funny-looking sunburn!




Me-mades: Trifecta Top!

I only just finished this up Sunday evening (since I didn’t start it til Sunday afternoon…haha!), and I was super in love with it! I wore it immediately, since we had to leave the house and I had to put on my people-disguise (oh look, I’m one of you, I totally wore clothes all day, just like all of you, *whistle whistle*) in order to do so.

After Friday’s desperation to find something me-made and casual, I decided to whip up some t-shirts. I was made aware of the Trifecta Top by Lady Katza, and holy shit, it is all I’ve ever wanted. I ordered some fabric online, downloaded the pattern, then realized I couldn’t wait, so I used some stash fabric, ha! There will be more, though, because I bought some AMAZING fabric colors, yo! Stay tuned for that shizzle!


05-12-14 1 05-12-14 2

Me-mades: Charlotte Skirt

So, I don’t 100000% love this skirt anymore. I feel all schmexy in it until I see pictures of it, or see the back in the mirror. It has nothing to do with the pattern, and everything in the world to do with the fact that I made this out of some polyester that somehow (DARK MAGIC) holds the creases the uncut, folded fabric had prior to making, yet won’t iron at ALL to keep the darts flat. Plus I keep thinking it’s a wonderful, fun skirt (because I know what the lining looks like), and then I’m surprised (in a boring way) when I realize it’s just a gray skirt. Whomp whomp.



Me-mades: Grown-up Cambie

This dress should be re-christened The Rainbringer. Seriously, you guys. Every single time I wear it. Hell, my mom even wore it to my wedding and GUESS WHAT THE WEATHER DID.


Maybe this summer, I’ll wear it and go road-tripping across Texas when we get in a drought (why is it a drought if it happens every year? Isn’t it just climate, then?). That’ll be my good deed for the year.



Me-mades: V9668 Wearableish Muslin!

One good thing about the Rainbringer: it brought an entire cold front to us! That’s right, temps got down into the 50′s (granted that was at night, while we were asleep, but still). I definitely didn’t think I’d be able to bust this bad boy out, since I can only wear it with a cardigan, and cardigans in May don’t work so much in Galveston. (It would work in my office any time of the year, but my car has no AC and I would DIE.) As it was, it was definitely warm for this, but *spoiler alert* I didn’t die! Go me!

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