Beginning the Blawg

Howdy! I’m pretty excited-slash-nervous to start this blog. I like the idea of having a place for all of my making-stuff to be documented, and I hope to meet new and wonderful people during the process.

I’m also nervous as hell, y’all, because the sewing bloggers I admire all seem to be perfectionists, and I am anything but. I’m practically the antithesis of perfectionism. True story.

These magnificent people will complain about how the lines on their shirt don’t all *quite* match up in this one spot, whereas I’m perfectly thrilled to go out in public with crazy top-stitching that looks more like a kindergartner tried to draw the letter ‘M’ than a sewist stitching a straight line.

No, really. I wear this to work, regularly.


But I do know I’m improving quite a bit, more and more with each project, which is what floats my boat. The fact that this shirt is eleventy billion times better than my last one makes me proud to wear it in public, even if the topstitching is crazy. So watch for improvement!

And to wrap this up, here’s what I see if I wake up in the middle of the night to strange whippet-sounds:


You’re welcome.


About Kristi

My theme song is *crickets*.
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