W00t Wis…con…sin…?


I found these shoes at a Goodwill, for $6.00; I really wanted some blue shoes to go with my blue Miette Sweater (my very first knitted sweater, it’s kind of a big deal, imjustsayin).

When I spotted these, I was pretty much like “SOLD”, if I could figure out how to turn them blue. (I mean, c’mon. Blue suede shoes? I think YES.) So I googled around about painting shoes and dying shoes, and working with suede, and not getting weird crunchy shoes, etc. I finally happened across Megan Nielson’s attempt at dying suede shoes, and this finally convinced me to give it a try.


So I ran out and got me some Rit in “Evening Blue”, or “Azul Noche” which has gotta be the laziest, most literal translation of a color I’ve ever seen.

Shoes03 Shoes04

I spread out paper to work on, and balled up more to fill the shoe, just so I wouldn’t end up with unnecessarily splotchy insides.

Shoes05I actually boiled a bunch of water in a mason jar, in the microwave, to mix the dye.

Cause I’m fancy.

Shoes06We happen to have a gianormous box of plastic gloves, thanks to my ninja-at-giving-things-to-us Gramma. She once stuffed a coffee pot she gave us full of lemons, so that we would take them all unawares. Seriously, guys. NINJA GRAMMA.


I cut one of our sponges in half. (See above Re: Fancy). This was a magnificent applicator, actually, because if I got too much liquid and it gooshed out all over the place, well looky here! I have a sponge in my hand to mop it back up with!

Shoes08No, for real. Do you see that mess? THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, KRISTI.

Shoes09The little gold piping around the edge actually wouldn’t take the dye, no matter what, so it gave it a cool contrast, totally accidentally BECAUSE I’M STYLISH.


In fact, with the gold contrast, you might be thinking, ‘Hmm, Kristi, those are looking kinda…Green Bay-ish…’.

Shoes11Yep. The shoes originally had too much yellow in them, so the blue dye sorta came out as green, in the end. Apparently yellow + blue =/= blue. Who knew?

Shoes12So I wound up with green suede shoes. WHICH IS SO FANTASTIC, I can’t even tell you! I love them so much that I’m willing to put up with horrible pain to wear them all day. Evidence:


The Cambie I mentioned in my FBA post. This was supposed to be a picture of me in my beautiful dress (with amazing green shoes), but SOME DOG had to come be all fabulous and steal the spotlight. I don’t mind. It can only improve my pictures, really. Shoes14I made that sweater! This is my blue Miette! Tardis-colored, even. Know what else?

I made that skirt! It’s my second Charlotte skirt, by By Hand London. (My first was in their sewalong roundup, which was my first-ever foray into sewing with the online community. Obvs it was fun, or this blog wouldn’t be here.) The blue sweater + yellow skirt = green shoes sums up nicely what we learned in Kristi’s Kindergarten today, doesn’t it, class?


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5 Responses to W00t Wis…con…sin…?

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  2. becki says:

    Love it! I guess blue + yellow = green. I admire your guts, dyeing shoes, that’s amazing.

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