FO: Aurora Georgina

Meet my new favorite sweater. It’s a Georgina Cardigan, done in Aurora Heather Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn by KnitPicks. It’s a pattern you have to buy to download, but lemme tell you: well worth all six bucks, yo. This sweater was an immediate favorite.

Aurora Georgina 02 Aurora Georgina 01

It knit up pretty quickly, surprisingly. The instructions were sort of vague a couple of times, in that you’re supposed to “knit until x inches long”; when you’re knitting lace, X inches long is sort of subjective.

Aurora Georgina 03See? It stretches out, making it hard to guess when it’s reached the long-enough point.

Aurora Georgina 04 Aurora Georgina 05

The only other issue I had with the whole thing was that mine did NOT block out to the same measurements as the pattern listed. Like, not even close. But it had a sweater-y enough shape when I did this, so I figured, CLOSE ENOUGH.

Aurora Georgina 06

A billion rounds of ribbing later (at least half of which was a cute sort of ribbed lace), I got to start my sleeves. I got excited at this point and Instagrammed that shizz, hence the border. Also, this is probably the closest I’ve been able to capture the color.

Aurora Georgina 15 Aurora Georgina 07 Aurora Georgina 10


Aurora Georgina 08 Aurora Georgina 09

Front & Back, naturally. The little tiny bit of bright green peeking out there is:

Aurora Georgina 11 Aurora Georgina 12

a green petersham ribbon I sewed on, along with HORRIBLY ALIGNED snaps (or poppers, if you like). As jacked up as they are, each side mirrors the other quite well, so it buttons smoothly.

Aurora Georgina 13Aurora Georgina 14

I reckon this is how it oughta hang if I leave it open, but that’s not gonna happen. I’m always flashing bright green ribbon, so I’ve just kept it buttoned up.

I’m the only person I know who’s happy the office AC is so awful, since it means I can continue to wear my knit crap even in the summer. In Texas. The worst thing, though, is when I forget to take it off before I step outside the building. BLEGH.

Less than two weeks from now, I will have my Associate of Science in Mathematics. (Assuming I pass my last 3 classes, but I don’t think that’ll be an issue. As long as I get more than a 4% on my last Cal III test, I should pass–though at the expense of my GPA haha!)  Since the commencement ceremony is May 10th, I’m working on making myself a graduation Cambie, using my FBA’ed Pattern. Gotta keep the Me-Made-May theme goin! I will, naturally, keep y’all posted. =D


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4 Responses to FO: Aurora Georgina

  1. I love this sweater! I’ve had my eye open for a shrug to wear with a silk dress (IT’S A GOD DAMN GOWN) I made last year, and this would be the perfect little thing for when I start to get chilly (as if I wear silk gowns ever–I am encouraging my friend’s wedding to be very formal because I have the dress for it).

    I’ve never blocked a project (or made a sweater yet!) but your pictures are inspiring, and I think the crazy snaps are adorable.

    • kristiellkay says:

      LMAO co-opting your friend’s wedding for your own dress…tsk tsk haha

      Blocking is the WORST because it takes forever to dry, the dogs try to investigate it, and your house sorta smells like damp sheep (I imagine that’s what that smell is…) But it sure does make stuff pretty haha

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