Pretty Pretty Princess

Okay, I have to start this post off with a confession of stupidity/optimism. When I did my FBA to the Cambie bodice, I ended up with a crazy-looking pattern like so:


So, I tried it out on a muslin of just the bodice, using an old sheet for my fabric. *ahem* A sheet which apparently had a much higher stretch factor than I paid any attention to. After making up that muslin (and TOTALLY FORGETTING TO TAKE OUT SEAM ALLOWANCE on a seam I just used as a fold line), I ended up with something that didn’t look too different from what I’d made before. In exasperation and frustration, I realized


So when it came time to cut out my pretty new purple fabric, I decided to hell with it, and cut a 12 with a 2″ FBA. DON’T ASK ME WHY–IT WORKED IN MY BRAIN.

Mom Cambie 01

So, meet my pretty purple Cambie that wouldn’t come close to zipping once I got up to my ribcage.

Mom Cambie 02 Mom Cambie 03

I handpicked the zipper, and was really digging those pockets. Too much damn effort went into this dress; someone had to wear it!


Luckily, my mom is a bit smaller than I am, and she should be coming to visit for my graduation on May 10th, so we’ll see if it fits her! I hope so, because I made a little tag to go in the dress especially for her:


Made With Love

…and a lot of swearing.

I don’t know if you caught this, but that hand is doing ASL for the letter “K”. I think my mom’ll get a kick out of that because she’s hard of hearing, and we augment a lot of our conversations with finger spelling. The last tag I made had a big swoopy “K” on it, so this is a different version of the same.

Princess 01 Princess 04

I had tons of that blue lining fabric left over, and not so much of the purple. I decided to test drive my NL 6891, View B because of FLUTTERY SLEEVES!

Princess 03 Princess 06

EFF MINUS. I guess my fabric isn’t very flutter-friendly. It’s soft and almost sheer, but I guess it’s still tightly woven? Anyway, I ended up with very full sleeves that just kinda stand up on their own. Not quite the look I was going for.

Princess 05 Princess 02

AND THAT GATHERING. Good Lord. These are so PUFFY. Google “Little Mermaid Wedding Dress”, yo. That’s how this felt. So I decided to scrap these sleeves, and try the View C Sleeves.

SAM_0685 SAM_0683

And since these were smaller, I was able to squeeze them outta the remaining purple fabric!

SAM_0686 SAM_0684

They’re still kinda poofy-gathery, but I feel like it’s much less Pretty Pretty Princess than the original sleeves. If you’re thinking these pictures are kinda janky-looking, you should see my janky-ass “tripod”:


Hahaha! This magnificent beast of a tree-bush also serves as a dog-walker. We don’t have a fence, so when Ender wants to run around, we clip him onto a long cable and let him go. SAM_0682

Which brings me to my last confession for this post. I completely lost my mind and got Ender a new puppy.


Duncan Idaho on the left; Ender on the right

They love each other.


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4 Responses to Pretty Pretty Princess

  1. Tiffany says:

    lol…You’re awesome.

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