Me-Made-May: Week 2

01Wed 05 01Wed 01

Wednesday, May 8th:

Me Made Item(s): Red Charlotte Skirt & Tardis-colored Miette Cardigan

01Wed 12 01Wed 08

01Wed 11 01Wed 07

01Wed 1001Wed 09

01Wed 04 01Wed 06

This sexy beast (the skirt, not the person) was the product of my first online sewing activity, (Charlotte Skirt Sewalong), and the sweater was my very first knit cardigan (or any cardigan, really…not like I have tons of them, guys).

01Wed 13

I got semi-dressed up today, because my boss took me out to lunch to celebrate my graduation (excluding shoes–I changed into these flats since we walked to the restaurant). It was fun, but I guess they had to chase down my chicken, kill and pluck it, and then finally get around to cooking it. IT TOOK FOREVER is what I’m tryin’ to get across, here, peoples. The food was magnificently delicious, though.

Thursday, May 9th:

Me Made Item(s): PPP top w/Black pants

I didn’t take any pictures because it was boring, and EXACTLY THE SAME as my 5/1 outfit. EXACTLY the same. Pretty sure I even had the same socks on (laundered in between; I’m not a total skeaze, folks).

Friday, May 10th:

02Fri 12 02Fri 10

Me Made Item(s): Grownup Cambie

Okay, so technically, you won’t see any pictures of my dress, here. The main thing I was excited about for graduation was the unveiling of my Graduation Dress, and I didn’t get any pictures of it. =/ OHWELL, too busy living life, right?

02Fri 09 02Fri 08

Obviously, by “living life”, I mean “hanging out with family before graduation”.

02Fri 07 02Fri 06

You know what you WILL see, though?

02Fri 05 02Fri 04

Lots of pictures of dogs.


02Fri 20 02Fri 19

02Fri 17 02Fri 17

02Fri 18 

02Fri 16 02Fri 15

02Fri 14 02Fri 13

These phenomenally blurry pictures brought to you by The Boy.

02Fri 11

He’s sorry, but it’s really the camera’s fault. I think the pictures quite nicely sum up the whole graduation experience. The interesting bits flew by and were blurry, and then there was a whole lotta boring crap for the rest. I distinctly remember the iron ADAMANTIUM grip of the school president, though, holding me in place and snarling “look at the cameraman, LOOK AT THE CAMERAMAN” through an extraordinarily fake smile when I tried to take my “degree” from her talons.

I was most proud of the fact that I didn’t trip EVEN ONCE, you guys. NOT ONCE.

02Fri 01


Saturday, May 11th:

Me Made Item(s): Nothin’ me-made. We spent the day with my mom and Bob, walking around Galveston like doofy-ass tourists. Or doofy ass-tourists. Whichever. I did have to take a picture of a wall at one point, though.

03Sat 02 03Sat 01

It was necessary.

04Sun 01

Sunday, May 12th:

Me Made Item(s): PPP top w/Jeans (Mother’s Day)

Hey look! Someone seriously needs to make some more tops!

Monday, May 13th:

Me Made Item(s): Nothing me-made today. SUPER lazy day.

05Tues 02 05Tues 03 

Tuesday, May 14th:

Me Made Item(s): Grownup CambieW00t Wisconsin Wedges, and Aurora Georgina Cardigan

05Tues 04 05Tues 11

 These are my flats, and my wedges. The flats are actually a camouflage print, but yeah, really falling apart.

05Tues 05 05Tues 08

05Tues 06 05Tues 07


05Tues 16 05Tues 15

With flats (left), With wedges (right)

05Tues 14 05Tues 09

05Tues 13 05Tues 12

05Tues 17 05Tues 18

My raptor face is probably my favorite picture of this little “shoot”, and this is an example of a real Kristi-smile.

05Tues 19

And this is a smile that I did just for my mom, since I know she’ll nag me about how I only ever make goofy faces. (Hi mom! Got it from yooooou!)

05Tues 20

LUNCH HOUR! I get made up, take my pictures, and then knit and listen to audiobooks.



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