Sewing for my Momma

Remember the Cambie I made that was too small? Welp, it fit my mom after all!

Mom Cambie 01 Mom Cambie 02

Mom Cambie 03 Mom Cambie 04 Mom Cambie 05

Mom Cambie 06--Face Mom Cambie 07

This is how you can tell she’s my mom.

 Mom Cambie 08 Mom Cambie 09 Mom Cambie 10 Mom Cambie 11

Mom Cambie 12--No Belt Mom Cambie 13 Mom Cambie 14

And without the belt, of course!

I also got her to model the Green Renfrew I made her.

Mom Renfrew 01 Mom Renfrew 02 Mom Renfrew 03 Mom Renfrew 04 Mom Renfrew 05

Including the first time I put a tag in her clothing.

Mom Renfrew 06 Mom Renfrew 07 Mom Renfrew 08 Mom Renfrew 09 Mom Renfrew 10

Daaaw, purtyface!

Next up on the selfless front: a dress for my youngest sister! She just finally got around to giving me her measurements; I already spent a small fortune on the pattern & fabric she wanted, so we’re good to go!

But first, I think I hear my Cambie pattern calling my name again…


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3 Responses to Sewing for my Momma

  1. becki says:

    Love! esp. the dress! Your mom looks hot!
    She is so lucky to have such a talented daughter who is will ing to share her time.

    • kristiellkay says:

      I know, right?! Haha just kidding! I get the majority of my creativity from her, anyway, so I’m really just kinda paying interest on it, you know? =D (Also, I’m sure she loves you for your comment now ha!)

  2. dressesandme says:

    What a gorgeous mum! I love the Renfrew! I’m hoping to make some myself soon 🙂

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