Alive and Kicking

Couple of items:

1) The worst things about Me-Made-May were:

a) Having to take pictures every time I wore something me-made;

b) Not having enough clothes to keep it interesting/exciting. I literally wear the same thing every two weeks, normally. Making it me-made only reduced my already limited options;

c) Having to shave all. the. time. Seriously, I need to make myself some pants. People don’t talk about this on their blogs, so maybe I’m the only weirdo that doesn’t regularly shave or something, but for serious, people. I had to shave like every single day, and this is a problem because shaving is, like, a huge EVENT for me. I have to prep the tub, light some candles, put on some Barry White…mkay, possibly exaggerated a little, but you get the idea. People that can shave in the shower blow my friggin mind. My balance is bad enough that I’m surprised I can manage to shave my armpits standing up.

ANYWAYS. Moving on, away from armpits:

What happened was this: I took about a week’s worth of pictures for MMM week 3, including busting out some pseudo-modelling moves that wound up nearly giving me a concussion. Proof:

SAM_0821 SAM_0822

See how there isn’t a mason jar on top of the fridge in the second picture? Yeah, that hit my head. I’m probably not supposed to mention that, but you know, no shame.

Back to the Future List!

2) Pretty much the reason you never see people blogging in real time about wedding crap is cause it takes up all your energy. I was going along, all great, and suddenly it was June. Which meant we had 3 months til the wedding, and invites weren’t even MADE, let alone sent out, pretty much nothing was done, and I didn’t even have the beginnings of a wedding dress.

Well, shit. There goes everyone thinking I’m a grownup that can handle responsibility….

So, in perfect grownup fashion, I stuck my head in the proverbial sand and sewed up a pair of…


Tania Culottes, and a…


Sewaholic Alma. They were both actually made out of the same brown sheet–uber soft, actually.

To be fair, I made these up while still waiting for the paper to arrive, for the invitations. So, not completely bad, right?

I sorta also made another Cambie, though it’s more like an I-lost-my-frickin-mind dress, really. Nice distraction from the stupid invitations.

I’ll post again about the invitations next time, and maybe share some pictures of one of our hiking trips. Then we enter wedding dress territory!


See y’all soon. Promise. =D


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