Happy New Year!

Firstly, Happy New Year and all that jazz! I hope you were able to stay awake longer than I was and properly ring in the new year. The Boy and I have apparently trained our bodies to need to be asleep before midnight on a weekday, though we can easily stay up past 2 on a weekend. Oh well, part of being old! I managed to stay awake until midnight–just barely–while The Boy played Fallout and Ender and Duncan growled and barked at fireworks. I hate fireworks.

I’ve never been much of a Resolutiony sort of person, since I always make lists of goals and then work on them for a day or two, before losing the paper I wrote them on and oh well, who cares, we’ll try again later. New Year’s just means lots of other people join me in that for a little while.

However, I absolutely love the goals and reviewing-the-year thingy that everyone does on their blogs for New Year’s, so I figured what the hay! Go for it!

SO, I’ve added a page for 2014 Goals, which I will update periodically if/when I have status changes to update for them. I would like to give a sort of breakdown, if you will, for these goals, since they look a little random (oddly specific and then pretty general…plus, a list of 100 books, so…yeah).

Sewing Projects:

I’ve been working on getting a better fit with Vogue 9668 for MONTHS now. It’s been awful, but I’m determined. I am GOING to beat this pattern, and then I shall bend it to my will and make it give me pretty dresses. Bitch.

I made a couple of Renfrews, and then that pattern sort of fell to the wayside since I’ve become enamored of dresses. SO. I’ll use something from Jo’s UltraMegaSuperListOfRenfrewHacks to make a dress.

I fell in love with Doctor Who via Netflix, but they only have up to Season 6. The WONDERFUL MAGNIFICENT Boy bought me Season 7 for Christmas, and we promptly watched all of them. I fell in love with Clara/Oswin immediately, and was really digging her clothing style. My parents gave me Gertie’s Book for Christmas, and I’ve been reading through that at random times, too. Thus I learned that the collar I was admiring on Clara’s dress which wasn’t a peter pan collar but looks similar, is called a pilgrim collar. AND GERTIE TELLS YOU HOW TO MAKE ONE. Now, I’ve had the NL6000 pattern for a little over a year (it was one of the first things I’ve sewn, and definitely the first garment I’ve ever made), but I haven’t used it since the first time I made a dress. I recently wore that dress and realized what a flattering cut it is on me, so I vowed to make more. I figured that’d be a good place to try out a pilgrim collar.

I’m working on a quilt to sort of…commemorate?…my wedding. I’ll post about it later, to be able to include pics.

I want to make pants. I bought the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern last year, but I haven’t even busted it open. Funny thing is, when I bought the pattern, I was just like, oh, cool, pants, you like pants, Kristi. Then I started researching, and I encountered everyone talking about how hard pants are, or even the opposite–that they weren’t as hard as everyone thinks, so just calm down. Oddly enough, when you say that something I didn’t thing was hard “isn’t as hard as everyone says”, I start to rethink my assumption that it wouldn’t be hard. SO ANYWAYS I’m going to make pants.

As mentioned above, I am now a proud owner of Gertie’s book, so I definitely want to make a couple of things from it. The wiggle dress is obvious for va-va-voom, the pencil skirt should be fairly practical since I need more bottoms for work, and the shirtwaist dress because in my head I’ll look like Betty Draper (no bubble bursting, please).

I got the Colette Sewing Handbook for my birthday (a little over a month before Christmas), and while I enjoyed flipping through it and admiring the prettiness, it turns out the style of the clothing in there isn’t really…for me…? I don’t know, I love a lot of Colette makes I’ve seen others make, and hell, I even used the Oolong dress pattern to help me make my wedding dress, but the clothes in the book are SUPER sweet; the sartorial equivalent of sweet tarts, imo. However, as I said, I’ve liked others’ makes from Colette, so I’ll definitely give it a go before knocking it. The truffle dress and meringue skirt (how did I not see the super-sweet-ness-ocity-ism of the patterns, just based on the names…?) are my favorites, so blammo.

Sewing General:

Obviously, it’s all about organization. I currently work in the bedroom, crammed up between the bed and a wall. This is the best arrangement we could come up with, since I can leave my machine set up 24/7, and I can shut the bedroom door and not have to listen to explosions coming from The Boy’s PS3 when I don’t want to. I even have a tv set up in my room so I can watch Netflix while I sew. It’s cool, but the cramped space means that anything extraneous at all is too much for the space, and then I can’t work there. The position of it right next to the bed makes it the place where we dump anything extraneous, naturally. -_- SO, things spiral out of control pretty quickly, and my sewing space gets ridiculous. My fabric cabinet is frequently rooted around in by certain animals who shall remain nameless (SCOUTANDENDERISAWYOUTEAMINGUP), so things get pushed back in rather haphazardly. I don’t have a ridiculous stash like most sewists*, but I do have this problem with buying tablecloths from goodwill to use as fabric. Don’t ask me why. Tablecloths are fancy to me, I guess, ha!

I got a serger from Goodwill late last year. I was SO EXCITED, it was great, it worked, and obviously I was God’s favorite. So I sat The Boy down in front of the machine to show him how totally badass the knife action was on this baby, and urged him to give it a go so he could see it slice and dice and all that wonderfulness. For some reason, it never even occurred to me that he’s the sort to put the pedal to the metal, so to speak. So instead of gently running the machine and building up speed, it immediately went frantically out of control and broke off a needle. What. The. Fuck. So, we just recently made it up to Joann to buy replacement needles off of the mean Husqvarna Viking ladies that sit in the middle of the store, being all judgey and snooty and talking to each other while ignoring you. So, now I have a serger. I haven’t really used it since the needle-breaking-off incident, but I’m going to get to know it.

All this backstory is to explain that, last year, while I was still new to sewing (…aaaaand after I wasn’t really so new to sewing anymore, but still did noob stuff…), I frequently made garments with unfinished seams. I didn’t even pink seams, sometimes. Terrible. There were a couple of times that I bound them, which looks OOOHSOFANCY, but it’s not always the most practical finish, and pinking doesn’t always keep fabric from fraying like a mug. So, whatever it takes, I’m going to finish all my garment seams, because if nothing else, I have a serger now! =D

This knitting list is basically just some of the stuff that’s been sitting in my ravelry queue, all accusatory and whatnot. I decided I want to make a cashmere sweater at some point, so that’s thrown in there, and The Boy has actually ASKED ME FOR SOMETHING KNIT OMG. He NEVER does that. So, I definitely have to follow through on that and make him a beanie/toboggan/whatever you call that sorta hat.


I’ve always loved to read, just ALWAYS. I supposedly taught myself at age 3, and I never stopped. My dad used to stop me and check to see if I was smuggling books into the bathroom because that’s what a weird fucking kid I was, apparently. I really love sci-fi, but I realized there are a lot of “classics” that I’ve never bothered to read, because there’s plenty of awesome out there that just sort of fell into my lap.

However, lately, I realized I really haven’t had anything new fall into my lap in ages. I keep re-reading and re-reading the same old books, over and over and over. I enjoy doing that, and I’m never not going to do that, but I also wasn’t reading ANYTHING new. So, to combat my aimlessness in reading, I found a list of the top 100 sci-fi books on goodreads, and took out the books I’ve read too many times to count. I filled in the gaps with some other books I knew I wanted to read (like everything by Chuck Palahniuk, and Anne Rice’s Vampire series), and made it into a list of 100 books to read.

I started working on this shortly before the wedding, and I’m sure I won’t finish the list up before 2015, but I really like having a guide. I always have 3 books I’m reading at any given time: one audiobook on my phone for knitting or driving, one physical book for when I’m bumming around at home, and one eBook on my phone for when I’m somewhere I can’t read my physical book or listen to my audiobook. Right now, 2 of those 3 aren’t books from my list, and I’m okay with that arrangement. I don’t have to limit myself to this list, and I’m not going to try to tear through the list before the end of the year and miss out on enjoying the reading. I’m just going to work on it, and keep it on the blog for reference. I’ve already crossed out the books I’ve finished last year, and I’ll continue to cross out the books I finish this year (and I’ll bold them, just to be able to tell the difference). So that’s that! If you don’t care for books, or just don’t care to know what I’ve been reading, just don’t scroll down that far, ha! =D

*I’ve gone through lots of terms for person-who-sews before settling on sewists. Seamstress sounds so limited, old-fashioned, and also fancier than I am. Seamster is kinda fun, but I just picture a teamster whipping a pair of sewing machines pulling a buggy, rather than anything really having to do with sewing…. Sewer sounds great when you say it out loud, and I think that’s what I probably use most often irl, but typing it makes it look like sewer-with-rats-and-poop-and-creepy-clowns-with-balloons rather than person-who-sews. So Sewists.


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