Pink Cray-Cray Cambie

Welp, I was hoping to have some progress to celebrate on my goals for 2014, but so far Vogue 9668 is completely kicking my ass, so I figured I might as well get caught up on some FOs from 2013* in the meantime.

PEOPLE. What do you get when you cross a Roisin with an Oona?

Cambie 15


Cambie 18 Cambie 16

The fabulous colors in this fabric just SCREAMED my name. I specifically took a pic of the colors listed on the selvedge, just for y’all.

Cambie 01 Cambie 02

Amazing, right?

Cambie 12 Cambie 04

I managed to eke out the pockets, kind of, but I cut a little into the selvedge to do it. You can just barely see the white poking out in the below pic.

Cambie 11

And I used a green-and-white sheet as a lining, because idk I guess I was like “Hmm, this is good, but how can this be crazier, Kristi?”. I hemmed it using green bias tape (I guess something had to match on this dress…?)

Cambie 05 Cambie 19

I used the same bodice pattern piece as my Grownup Cambie, (14 w/2″ FBA) and while there was a little awkward dart-pointiness with that dress, it was really extreme on this one.

Cambie 10 Cambie 09

This is what it looks like from my POV, btw. (ACRONYMS Y’ALL)

Cambie 13 Cambie 14

If I lean way over, I can see past the pointy boobness and see feet! (WHY TF DO I SHARE THIS STUFF? I really am this awkward in real life, too, guys. Just in case we ever meet.)

So, I’m finally taking a Cambie-hiatus, because as I un-noob a little, I’m seeing WAY too  many fitting issues.

I have excess fabric in the back (which I totally noted on my blog for the grownup cambie, but didn’t fix before making this one, wtf Kris, get your shit together.)

Cambie 06

My HBL (horizontal balance line) is WAY off, as made evident by my waistband…

Cambie 17

And here’s a funny thing I’ve done on all of my cambies: I feel uncomfortable showing any amount of Teh Cleave in a dress (like maybe cause I’m showing leg [LE GASP], or something?), and the Cambie is fabulously engineered to make the straps completely adjustable right up til the end, when you finally stitch ’em down. So I’ve been sewing the entire dress without raising the neckline any, and then at the end, I just pull the straps UBERtight, which brings the neckline up to a more comfortable level.

Cambie 08

The problem with this is that it also brings the armholes WAY up and suddenly I have about 60 degrees of rotational movement in my arms (counting a smidge backwards).

OOH and actually, now that I think about it, DUH this is probably part of what’s going on with bringing my HBL so far up in the front.

Cambie 17

See? SO OBVIOUS ohmagerrrd!

Despite all this, I’ve never been one to not wear something just because of some crippling problems with fit or other such piffle, so I’m more or less okay with this dress. I just usually wear it with either a button-up tied in a knot, or a cardigan. Whatevs!

Cambie 03 

Cambie 07*one FO is from 2012


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5 Responses to Pink Cray-Cray Cambie

  1. gingermakes says:

    Ummm, how fun is this?! Loving these colors (and OMG, I totally didn’t realize that’s what the color dots on the selvedge were about… I just thought they were… I don’t know what). What a super fun dress!

  2. kristiellkay says:

    Haha thanks!! It’s very swooshy, too, which ups the fun haha

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