V9668-Wearable(ish) Muslin

As you may or may not know, Vogue 9668 has been completely kicking my ass for a few months, now. I am definitely not, by any means, good at the “fitting” part of the sewing process. I don’t know what the hell wrinkles and bumps mean, and I know even less about how to fix them. It’s all been trial and error, so I’ve been going through a metric shit-ton of fabric, paper, and tape. Good lord, I’ve gone through so much tape.

Now, when I made my wedding dress, The Boy helped me make a dressform out of duct tape; he even built a little wooden stand for me to keep it on. It was really helpful for allowing me to come up with a pattern for a dress, because I was able to just drape and pinch and pin. It gave me my rough pattern, and then I was able to refine it by actually sewing it up and trying it on.

For V9668, that doesn’t really work so well. I already have the base pattern, so I SHOULD be able to sew it up, try it on, and then refine the fit.

Scout Please

Everything I do to correct a problem either seriously overcompensates, or it adjusts something that I didn’t intend for it to adjust. I keep swinging back and forth on bust tightness, between way too tight:

Too Tight

and too loose:

TOO Loose

Also, too freaking low-cut. Warning, my chest looks like a butt, here.


The upper back had some crazy poofiness going on, while the waist-area was…*ahem* pretty damn tight. I pinched and pinned and redrafted and cut and pinched and pinned and let out and added and got tape stuck in my hair and basted and ripped and melted stuff with my iron.

Collage 1 Collage 2

It was a crazy journey, but in the end, I decided to make the latest changes to the pattern, cut out a full dress, and try the whole thing on. (Up to this point, I’d been completely ignoring the skirt.)

What I ended up with was…wearable-ish.

v9668-01 v9668-03 v9668-04

People. I’m about to show you the most unflattering picture that exists of me. Because, you know, who’m I trying to impress? (Everyone. I’m trying really, really hard to impress everyone. I’m just this bad at it.)


Alright, alright, settle down, class. This is what happens when you pinch and pin so much excess out of the back pattern piece that there’s basically nothing left of it.

Back Adj

Those armscyes are MURDER on my backfat, yo. This is actually the second attempt at these armscyes, because when I originally made this dress and (HAND)stitched the lace tape around the armscyes, they were too small. So I cut some off, re did the (HAND)stitching (really, guys, I freaking handstitched the lace tape binding TWICE on these suckers), and tried it on again. THIS is the after photo. =/ Clearly, I need to fix this, along with the crazy tightness of the back, in general.

Other than the back, can you see the other problem with this sucker?


Do you see it? (Don’t say that my v’s are non-existent [the neckline should form a V, and the midriff-attaching-to-the-bodice should form an inverted V]. None of the points exist on my neckline/midriff because I don’t have the faintest idea what I’m doing with those. Other than “something wrong”.)


How ’bout now?

LOL DARTNIPPLES, I guess you’re in my life for good. I tried curving darts every which way, I tried pressing the FUQQQQ outta them, I tried extending, shortening, I just don’t even….

But, as you know, I’m not one to let crippling fit issues stand in my way, so you know what fixes all these problems?

v9668-08 v9668-09

A mothafuckin cardigan, of course! Also, just for funsies, you know who I look exactly like?

v9668-10 Pam


Pam from Archer! I’m strangely okay with this.


Can I explain how much I love the shape of this skirt?? Look at that shizz! I look adorable! (Did I ever tell you that false modesty is NOT something you’ll find on my blog?) It’s the perfect swishy shape without any bulk added to the waistline (something I can’t say for my full-skirted Cambies or a circle skirt). This skirt is going to be made by itself in the near future, just fyi.

As I said, I handstitched lace tape to act as a binding/facing sort of thing for:


the armscyes;


the neckline;


and the hem. As you can see, I actually used a redder version for the hem.


All this lace is in my stash from a nice haul I scored at a community yard sale, and I conveniently had some that perfectly matched the color of my dress. Which is fine and dandy for where I don’t want anyone looking (armholes & down my neckline [PERVERT]), but I’m pretty much known for flipping my hem up to show off linings, bindings, etc. And wtf is the point of lace you can’t see? So, while I still have plenty of the burgundy lace tape, I opted for straight-up red for the hem. =D

I’m sure Duncan appreciates that when he comes up and flips my skirt up, as he is wont to do. Perv.



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