Cambie-ish Black Corduroy Skirt

Once upon a time, there was one of those teacher-dresses*. You know the kind. All long and buttoned up, plaid and Winnie the Pooh and corduroy, probably paired with Keds. It lived in a Goodwill, and since this isn’t the 90’s, and that part of the 90’s doesn’t appear to be coming back, it was doomed to live there forever.

*Let me just point out, that I love the teacher/librarian look. Nothing at all against that look! But we all had a teacher that wore these things, and they were almost never cool, okay? Just tellin’ it like it is, y’all.

Skirt 18

Then along came THIS girl, looking for some cheap, black corduroy fabric. (See, it’s not just sheets and tablecloths I use, guys!)

Skirt 19 Skirt 20

(Yep, that’s a camo shirt. Yeehaw, bitches.)

I used the A-line skirt portion of the Cambie (TOTALLY COPYING ROCHELLE HERE, NO SHAME). Only, the thing is, there wasn’t actually enough fabric at the bottom for that cute A-line shape. So…it kinda tapers in again toward the hem (can we just say I “pegged” the hem, like it was on purpose, instead of “I saw the problem, shrugged my shoulders, and said ‘meh’ and did it anyway”? kthx.)

Skirt 5 Skirt 7

Apologies for the differences in lighting. My pictures at work are super-lit, and the ones at home are dark and sucky, but my camera died while I was at work, so, eh, ya do what ya gotta do.

I used some bright blue cotton broadcloth for the pockets, as well as the waistband facing.

Skirt 8 Skirt 1

I also made teeny-tiny belt loops. For some of my other skirts, I have a problem with belts not sitting quite right, so I decided I was definitely going to do belt loops for this skirt! So I folded the fabric, sewed it up, and cut belt loops the proper length. Not taking into account the fold-under and stitch allowance for the ends. -_- Eff. I do have a couple of skinny belts that will fit in these, but I hardly use em, honestly. This skirt fits a lot better than the ones I mentioned above, which really *need* belts.

Skirt 2 Skirt 9

But aren’t they cah-yoooot? Little baby belt loops! I smile each time I remember they’re there. I used some big ole purple buttons I had in my stash (everything comes from my stash, since I had a massive haul from a community yard sale, once). I also made some godawful buttonholes to go with the buttons, in blue thread to go with my pockets/facing.

Skirt 4 Skirt 3

I think I should’ve done my buttonholes vertically rather than horizontally, as there’s too much give for the buttons to slide around in them. Cause, you know, crappy vertical buttonholes would really work/look better than crappy horizontal buttonholes. Ha!

Skirt 13 Skirt 17

For the pockets, I didn’t want the whole thing to be blue, so I cut the pattern piece for the Cambie pockets into two pieces (the part that shows and the rest of the pocket bag), and cut the part-that-shows (there are probably better words for this…) out of corduroy and cut the bag part out of the blue. I stitched those together, and then treated it like a single piece in order to follow the pattern again. I got a kick out of making the part-that-shows run orthogonal to the rest of the skirt. #megadork

Skirt 15 Skirt 14

It’s unlined, so I bound the seams with blue bias tape, and used red bias tape for the hem. I topstitched the hem with red thread, because black, blue, and purple weren’t really enough for me, I guess.

Skirt 12 Skirt 16

One of my favorite things about sewing is being able to add color wherever I feel like it, and not having to subscribe to whatever color combos happen to be trendy at the time (neon pink and yellow, lookin’ at you).

Oh, noes, you thought I forgot to include a picture of a dog, didn’t you?


Not related to anything at all, just a pic from my honeymoon back in September (2013). There’s twenty billion pictures of dogs, and, like, 3 of humans. #priorities


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