The Niece’s Jacket & Skirt Combo

When I married The Boy, I inherited a sister-in-law, as well as a niece. The Niece just had a birthday (um, a month ago…) wherein she turned 4 years old, which I discovered on The Book o’ Faces. Suddenly overcome with envy that someone else (The Nieces Mom, obvs) was able to dress a miniperson however she wanted (cause, duh, it’s her kid, Kris), I decided I must make something for The Niece to wear.

Andrea’s post, Babies Who Brunch (bahahahaha omg that name), showed off just how adorable the Sunday Brunch pattern by Oliver+S is, so naturally I decided to blatantly copy be inspired by her. (FYI, the pattern is available only as a pdf, and comes in two sizes; I chose the larger size range, because the kid is only gonna get bigger, right?)

Coat 01 Coat 02

I made a muslin in a 4 (the smallest size of the range I chose to buy), after The Sister-In-Law said The Niece is wearing a 4T. Whatever that means. o_O

Coat 03 Coat 04

I figured Duncan must be around 4-year-old-sized, right?

Coat 05 Coat 06

I ordered some hot pink corduroy from (Another FYI: 21 wale corduroy is very, very fine-waled, guys. It’s more like a velvet sort of fabric, but it *is* corduroy. Just so you’re aware.) It was fabulously vivid, and then I washed it with some other fabric and it sort of became a dusty rose sort of pink. I can’t tell if I washed some of the dye away or if it collected lint in the washing/drying process that sort of dulled the color (because this shit is a lint magnet, y’all. Like whoa). Anyway, it’s still very pretty, just not as vivid as it was when I first received it.

Coat 07 Coat 08

But anyway, here’s the finished coat! Actually, I made the skirt part of the pattern, too, using some pink chevron cotton from Hobby Lobby.

Coat 09

Oh, and some zebra-print cotton. You think it doesn’t match so much, but then BLAMMO:

Coat 10 Coat 11

All the seams of the jacket are bound in zebra bias tape! I think 4 year olds can get away with more animal print than I can. (Read: I live vicariously through little kids.)

Coat 12

Inside out, just so you can see that everything except the hem and sleeve hems are bound in zebra.

Coat 13 Coat 14

Reviews on all pretty much say that the skirt is too short as drafted, so I added a little flounce/ruffle at the bottom to sort of lengthen it. Also to incorporate more zebra, duh. The skirt has a kickpleat, and I kinda thought adding extra fullness in the flounce would be weird there, so I just made sure not to gather that section when I added the flounce. The waistband is flat and smooth in the front, with elastic in the back. I really liked that detail, though I’m completely guessing at The Niece’s waist-elastic needs for this skirt.

Coat 15 Coat 16

I serged all my seams (ish, that kickpleat section was weird, man). Oh, and did you notice that the pockets were also made out of the zebra fabric?

Coat 17

Naturally I needed some modelled shots for Le Blug, but it seems that either I somehow made this version of the jacket a bit smaller than my muslin, or Duncan Idaho grew a little. This one doesn’t “fit” him as well as the muslin (it suddenly occurs to me that I’m really weird). I’m really worried that this stupid jacket won’t fit a 4 year old. What if that T in 4T means something important, guys??

Coat 18 Coat 19

Oh well! I bought the pattern, so I can just make a new one if this one is too small.

Ender is a far superior model to Duncan. Look at that gorgeous face! He sat so still for me.

Coat 20 Coat 21

Until he decided it was time for The Cat to model, of course.

Coat 22 Coat 23

Oh hai, Scout.

Coat 24 Coat 25

I think the color really suits her, don’t you?


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