So…hi? Also, MMM14 Week One!

Two months later…howdy! I’ve been pretty terrible at maintaining an online presence lately, but I’m sure you will all forgive me, and we can continue to be the very best of imaginary friends.

So! How ’bout that Me-Made-May thing, eh? I jumped in at the last minute and submitted my pledge to Zoe’s blog on the 30th, ha! *AHEM*

I, Kristi of Kristicraft, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I will wear at least one me-made, diyed, and/or me-modified thrifted item each day, as well as taking at least one picture every single day (the hard part!), for the duration of May 2014.



Me-mades: Renfrew shirt & Polka dot circle skirt (Doesn’t this outfit look familiar…?)

Oh! Also, my W00t Wisconsin wedges, though they didn’t make it into my elegant bathroom selfie.



Me-mades: Just my pink polka dot alma blouse, today.

Also, hai whippets!



Me-mades: This is a new top, using NL6104, and some fabric that The Boy picked out. Honestly, I’m super unimpressed with it, but I’ll eventually post about it, just for reference’s sake.

Anyway, the important confession to make for this pic is it was at the end of the day that I finally got even this dressed up. I was just loafing about, wearing yoga pants and a tank top (no me-mades) while I sewed up a sonofabitchin chiffon hem on a prom dress. After The Boy came home from work, I realized I’d never gotten dressed, and so this is what I came up with. Super imaginative, I know.



No Me-Mades, whomp whomp! But here, have a picture of Duncan’s “gangster lean”, according to The Boy. Duncan has a problem with just sitting like a normal person. That’s why he’s often a brown blur in my pictures.


05-05-14--1 05-05-14--2

Me-mades: Just the skirt, but ain’t it purty? Once again, I shall post more about it later. For now, me-yow, check out my awesome boots from Goodwill! I’ve worn them almost exclusively all winter. Also, trashcans everywhere! Thrills! Excitement! Whippets in backgrounds!


 05-06-14--1 05-06-14--2

Me-mades: Pink cray-cray cambie! Huzzah! Hey, look, this is even in the same spot I originally took pics of this dress, after I made it.

The ladies of my office have started going for mile-long walks periodically during the day, and I ended up going on three of the walks this day. I started the day off with my W00t Wisconsins, but I changed into these shoes for the first walk, and just never got around to changing my stupid shoes again. Oh well! Honestly, though, I prefer wearing this dress with sneakers (Lord knows why, it sure as hell ain’t flattering).



Me-mades: My pink lace NL6000. I always feel overdressed in this dress; not because I feel like it’s fancy, but everyone always makes a fuss and asks me if I have a date later whenever I wear it. It’s weird and it makes me uncomfortable, because it’s just another ~thing-I-made~.

True story, back when I was younger (and a blatant tomboy), if I wore anything remotely girly, wore makeup, or even just wore my hair down (as opposed to its [still] customary ponytail), people would make such a big deal about it that it made me uncomfortable, and I’d stop doing it immediately. I hate that kind of attention, but I couldn’t possibly tell you why that’s not okay, but complimenting me on the dress itself is okay. Le shrug!

So there’s our first week of May, all rounded-up calf-scramble style, just for you. I’ll be back to talk about my new makings soon. Now I have to try to catch up on more than a month’s sewing blog backlog…yikes! =D


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2 Responses to So…hi? Also, MMM14 Week One!

  1. Lynn says:

    Oooo! I love the pink cambie.

    Taking pictures is why I never sign up for these things although wearing something “me made” every day would be no challenge at all for me.

    • kristiellkay says:

      Yeah, I never realize how often I say ‘screw it’ and don’t shave, or wear makeup, or even brush my hair until MMM pictures haha!

      After last year’s MMM, it became really easy for me to have a work wardrobe that’s totally me-made, but I’m discovering that I’ve really neglected the casual wardrobe, ha! That’s definitely the cool part of MMM, to me–figuring out those gaps. =D

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