MMM14 Week Two

Hey, y’all! Sorry about the tardiness; we’ve had issues with our internet. Probably due to the fact that the jack they installed for our internet connection isn’t actually attached to the wall, but rather dangles on the floor next to it. Jackasses.

So anyway! MMMay, right? It’s been a lot of fun, so far! It’s not included in my…what? Declaration of Participation?…but I’ve actually been trying to prevent repeats for this challenge. I didn’t include it in my…pledge?…because I don’t think it’s possible (yet) with my wardrobe to avoid any repeats. I’m definitely going to see how far I can stretch it, though, and I think by the time the next challenge rolls around, I might actually be able to pull it off.



 Me-mades: Blue Cambie & W00t Wisconsin Wedges

This poor thing has just about had it. Some seams are coming apart thanks to my noobish lack of finishing seams, and there isn’t much I can do to fix it at this point.


 05-09-14 1  05-09-14 2

Me-mades: Pretty Pretty Princess top

True facts: I only wore this because I was at a loss for what to wear that was Me-Made and still casual enough to wear with jeans. I know I don’t have to wear jeans just because I’m allowed to on Fridays, but damn I love jeans. They’re basically my sweatpants.


05-10-14 1 05-10-14 2

Me-mades: Red Alma Blouse

 We went to a BBQ Cookoff (same one we went to last May, actually), and I decided this would be the final time I’d wear my poor Red Dead Alma. It was a wonderful top for the occasion, all breezy and drapey, and not-looking-totally-sloppy (ignore all the holes that were fraying, shush). Also, it gave me a funny-looking sunburn!




Me-mades: Trifecta Top!

I only just finished this up Sunday evening (since I didn’t start it til Sunday afternoon…haha!), and I was super in love with it! I wore it immediately, since we had to leave the house and I had to put on my people-disguise (oh look, I’m one of you, I totally wore clothes all day, just like all of you, *whistle whistle*) in order to do so.

After Friday’s desperation to find something me-made and casual, I decided to whip up some t-shirts. I was made aware of the Trifecta Top by Lady Katza, and holy shit, it is all I’ve ever wanted. I ordered some fabric online, downloaded the pattern, then realized I couldn’t wait, so I used some stash fabric, ha! There will be more, though, because I bought some AMAZING fabric colors, yo! Stay tuned for that shizzle!


05-12-14 1 05-12-14 2

Me-mades: Charlotte Skirt

So, I don’t 100000% love this skirt anymore. I feel all schmexy in it until I see pictures of it, or see the back in the mirror. It has nothing to do with the pattern, and everything in the world to do with the fact that I made this out of some polyester that somehow (DARK MAGIC) holds the creases the uncut, folded fabric had prior to making, yet won’t iron at ALL to keep the darts flat. Plus I keep thinking it’s a wonderful, fun skirt (because I know what the lining looks like), and then I’m surprised (in a boring way) when I realize it’s just a gray skirt. Whomp whomp.



Me-mades: Grown-up Cambie

This dress should be re-christened The Rainbringer. Seriously, you guys. Every single time I wear it. Hell, my mom even wore it to my wedding and GUESS WHAT THE WEATHER DID.


Maybe this summer, I’ll wear it and go road-tripping across Texas when we get in a drought (why is it a drought if it happens every year? Isn’t it just climate, then?). That’ll be my good deed for the year.



Me-mades: V9668 Wearableish Muslin!

One good thing about the Rainbringer: it brought an entire cold front to us! That’s right, temps got down into the 50’s (granted that was at night, while we were asleep, but still). I definitely didn’t think I’d be able to bust this bad boy out, since I can only wear it with a cardigan, and cardigans in May don’t work so much in Galveston. (It would work in my office any time of the year, but my car has no AC and I would DIE.) As it was, it was definitely warm for this, but *spoiler alert* I didn’t die! Go me!


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4 Responses to MMM14 Week Two

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh I love the blue one and the rain dress. You seriously need to come to northeast Oklahoma wearing that rain dress.

  2. kristiellkay says:

    Hahaha i can do that! Road trip!! And thanks, I really love the color of the blue dress, so I’m going to have to make myself another (to replace this one, once it’s finally dead). =D

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