So, ‘member how much I loved the skirt on this darling little clusterfuck? Welp, I decided to take a break from the incessant fiddling with the bodice (which NEVER turns out right, UGH) to make a nice, simple skirt from the pattern.

I ordered some plaid on sale at fabric.com (I ordered 4 yards, cause SCAWWY PLAID-MATCHING, hahahaha now I have like 2.5 yards or some shit, wtf Kristi). It’s a polyester “suiting”-type of fabric, kinda scratchy but not horrible. It has these cool golden threads woven into the plaid, but it’s not all crazy-sparkle-shit or anything.

But anyway, who cares?! Let’s see some mo-fo-in pictures, already!

SAM_1331 SAM_1332

The first time I cut this skirt out, I got confused and matched up the plaid seamlessly…across the front and back…so it just looked like my whole skirt was sideways. I wanted that perfect matching at the side seams, but I wanted the front and back to give me the chevrons from a mirror-image sort of match (WOW did that make ANY sense?).

ANYWAY, I recut, and fixed it. Ish.

SAM_1334 SAM_1333

See the difference between the back (left) and the side (right)? The back is “mirrored”, whereas the side is just matched up straight across (er…more or less).

Oh, also pockets, ’cause DER.


SAM_1339 SAM_1338

The pattern-matching at the side seams sort of suffered from my miscalculation in cutting out. I thought my waist was much bigger than it is (I always do that, why?), so I lopped off the top of the skirt pieces (like cutting off the top of a triangle, sorta), and then had to take the skirt way in, cause that was stupid. 

TL;DR: it matches up just enough so you know I tried, without actually properly matching at all, haha!


Ender, you are a lazy bum.

I had one fabulous large purpley-gray button in my stash, so I used that. Also, I used a regular zipper, but did a meh job of insertion. I didn’t feel like handstitching it in, for unknown reasons. (Seriously, in retrospect, this makes ZERO sense.)


Buttonhole was done on my machine (it’s a 4-step buttonhole, and I pretty much hate it, btw. My machine pulls the fabric through way too quickly to make a decent buttonhole, so I have to fight my machine the whole time, slowing the fabric down so it has time to make stitches in it. This could possibly be the first sign of the robopocalypse**. Stay tuned for more details.)

SAM_1346 SAM_1343

See that awesome gold thread I was talking about? Oh, and, haha! I used the blue fabric from my pink lace NL6000 as an “interfacing” for the waistband. You can see it in the buttonhole, haha.

*Side note: I have some really excellent interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply, and I hoard it. I make all these things that I feel aren’t ~good enough~ to use my fancy interfacing. WTF? I’ve heard of people doing that with fabric, like silk or whatnot, but I don’t do that at all. If I have fabric, I’m’a use it! But this interfacing is SSSSSSPECCCCCIALLLL IT IS MY PRECIOUSSSS I LOVE IT FOREVER. Seriously, it’s like all your life, you’ve been using those recycled brown paper towels to dry off after a shower, and finally someone hands you a nice, thick terrycloth towel. It’s that dramatic of a difference. I will never again buy that crappy interfacing from Joann or Hobby Lobby or whatever.*

Anyway!  Inside out:


I machine stitched some more rayon seam binding to the waist-seam, and then did an invisible catchstitch to hold it down. It’s a fairly nice way to reduce bulk, and it was fun to sew it in bright pink thread, knowing it wouldn’t show on the right side.


I also did an invisible catchstitch for the hem, using bright yellow hem tape. Naturally, I used bright yellow thread to go with it. BUT WHERE ARE THE STITCHES, HUH, BITCHES? Seriously. I’m so proud of myself. For the record, I did NOT come into this knowing all these hand stitches or anything. I just looked up some tutorials, and practiced, and voila! Fucking pro, man.

SAM_1349  SAM_1352

But yeah, that whole machine-inserted zipper makes no sense, now, huh? Haha! 

**Incidentally, a friend recommended a book to me by the name of “Robopocalypse” (NOT an affiliate link or anything, just a google search result). He said that, despite its rather unfortunate name, it’s actually pretty decent. After reading it (as an ebook on my phone, btw), I’d definitely agree, and recommend it to anyone that’s into a little sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s written in a sort of a memoir style, which kinda reminded me of World War Z. So there ya go.


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3 Responses to V9668 Skirt–WITH POCKETS

  1. Lynn says:

    Very nice!

    BTW, about buttonholes… I do all mine by hand. I have to because I sew on an antique machine but I actually used to have a buttonhole attachment that went on it but after about two decades, or something like, that it broke and I discovered that they don’t make them anymore so for a little bit I was in a serious state of panic about it, but then I found a book showing how to do lots of hand stitches, mostly for embroidery, and it had how to do a buttonhole stitch! Now I wish I had learned how to do it before I ever bought that silly buttonhole maker because I always hated that thing. Doing them by hand is fun even if it does make my fingers cramp after a while.

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