MMM14 Week Three

Week Three, y’all! There was a tiny bit of repeating, but whattayagonnado, right? I’m pretty much completely tapped out on non-repeating outfits, so I guess I’ve discovered I have right around 3 weeks’ worth of clothes, haha!



  Me-mades: Black Cambie-ish Corduroy Skirt

 Remember that cold front that the Rainbringer brought? It made it so I could actually wear this hot little thang! It’s just a tad too short for me to comfortably wear to work without opaque tights, but the cold front caused me to break out the tights again, ha!



 Me-mades: *New* Black short-sleeved Plantain Tee

I made this at the same time that I made the Trifecta Top! It’s made using the *FREE* Plantain Tee pattern from Deer & Doe. It was a test-version, using the same black stash knit I used for my Trifecta Top (also, the “V-neck” [lol it’s SO not a v-neck] Renfrew). Again, more will be made soon! I’m making my sister’s ~Senior Ball Gown~ right now, but once that’s done, my serger and I are going to make some sweet sweet love, wait, no, t-shirts! I’m SUPER EXCITED, Y’ALL!



 Me-mades: Same as 5/16, only with additional me-made blue fuzz from pieces of blue satin* that sheds like a mofo. No pictures of it, though, so here! Have an Idaho! This is the best picture I’ve ever managed to take of him. He NEVER sits still.

* Remember how I said I’m making my sister’s Senior Ball Gown? She wanted blue satin.


05-18-14 1 05-18-14 2

 Me-mades: Brown Alma

I, um, I feel like my face would look less smug if I’d had the camera up higher. Maybe. Or maybe I was all like “psh, camera, I’m so much better than you, you leetle beetch”. Who really knows? Maybe I was like FUCK YES SHORTS WEATHER WHY AM I INSIDE.


05-19-14 1 05-19-14 2

 Me-mades: Same Gray Charlotte Skirt, and also my Emma Pillsbury Bow-Collar Blouse. W00t Wisconsin wedges, too, but that shizz is getting old to type out. I wear them a LOT, guys. I need more wedges, since they’re basically the only heels I can wear all day, ha!


05-20-14 1 05-20-14 2

 Me-mades: *New* Green McCalls 6696

This pattern was available in a plus-size (fucking SCORE, cause most of the cute plus-size patterns are few and far between at my local Lobby del Hobby) while I was looking for more plus-size patterns **STAY TUNED FOR AWSOMENESS ON THAT FRONT** and I had to have it for myself, ha!

I’m going to wait to post more about this dress until I can make another one, cause I frickin’ love it (mostly); but I will say that when I searched the pattern to link to, HAHA there’s those prop bikes Lauren hates!

And oh look. Those shoes again. ;p




 Me-mades: Yellow Charlotte Skirt

This skirt is Le Suck, because the waistband is just horrible. It was my second time making a Charlotte Skirt (first was during the BHL sew-along [I just tried to link to it, and it looks like it has disappeared, whomp whomp]), and so OBVIOUSLY I was an expert and could just do whatever I wanted. I made the waistband TWICE as tall (I guess I wanted it to sit up higher…? idk PastKristi, but PresentKristi is pretty disappoint, man), but decided not to taper it in (which would’ve at least allowed it to hug my waist, instead of surrounding it without actually touching it [waistband fortress!!]), and OH INTERFACING WHO NEEDS THAT?  


 Anyway, TL;DR is this skirt is being held up by my hips, and is being held in by my nifty elastic belt. It puffs out awkwardly, especially in the back, so I wear a cardigan always. This cardi is NOT my Tardis Miette (seen here). That was tragically thrown in the washing machine, and because it was 100% wool, it ended up too small to even fit Duncan by the time it made it out of the washing machine. (The Boy thoughtfully did not throw it in the dryer, just for me. -_-)

This cardigan is 100% cashmere, 100% thrifted from Goodwill for six bucks. You guys. I LOVE cashmere! I had no idea, until I was running my hands over the racks at Goodwill (just for funzies, I like textures), and was halted by the feel of this stuff. It actually fit (AMAZING), so I decided to grab it. Heck yes!!

This led to my resolution to knit a cashmere sweater. I don’t know if you’ve priced any yarn lately, but holy SHIT cashmere yarn is expensive. If I were making a single cashmere sock, maybe it could be in my price range but HA on a sweater. I’ll definitely be having to do a cashmere BLEND (like merino/silk/cashmere, maybe?), and what better time to do so than NOW, as part of the Outfit-along that’s about to go down!

Andi & Lauren are hosting, and since I frakkin love both patterns (sweaterdress) they’re using, I definitely want in on that shizz! I still have to buy my patterns, and yarn/fabric, but I’m thinking YES PLEASE, y’all.

      So who else wants to try tackling a dress + sweater combo? Supposedly it’s gonna be nice and easy for beginners, and you’ll feel SO pro when you finish up!


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3 Responses to MMM14 Week Three

  1. Lynn says:

    Oooo… now I might have to get McCall’s 6696 for myself. I’ve seen the pattern before but I always have, “but how would it look on me?” issues. And I WILL still have until I actually see it on myself but you gotta be adventurous, right?

    • kristiellkay says:

      Yessss! Do it! Everyone compliments me on that dress, although there were definitely a couple of problems I had with it. Also, it feels very “diner waitress” looking at it on my dressform, but it doesn’t feel all “diner waitress” when I wear it, haha! It’s pretty flattering, imo. =D

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