Me-Made-May Week 4-5 & Also Mopin’

Sometimes, Scout is mopey. When she is mopey, she is no longer Scout; she is Pout.


I have been Pout lately. Look, let’s just rip off the bandaid:

05-27 2  05-27 1

The most adorable life-ruiner I’ve ever met ate my camera.

Duncan Life

Ate. My. Camera.

We never even found the SD card. Presumably, he ate it whole. (He’s okay.)

I was doing such a great job of documenting stuff for Me-Made-May, but what really had (has) me bummed out is that all my pictures of unposted projects were on that camera (like my sister’s Ball Gown, which I had shipped out already, so I’ll never be able to take those pics again).

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a replacement camera; that one was a gift. Cameras just aren’t that high of a priority when it comes time to make the monthly budget. =/

But anyway, while I am still very much a Pout, I’m trying to shake it off. I mean, I did a pretty good job with Me-Made-May, and I’ve been making stuff and…stuff…I’ll dePout eventually.

5/22-5/26 is gone forever. You aren’t missing much, though, I’ve been repeating everything.


05-27-14 01 05-27-14 02

Me-Mades: Pink Lace NL6000 & Stiff-upper-lip-that-isn’t-crying-despite-just-discovering-camera-was-eaten.



Me-Mades: Blue Cambie (Last time I wore it, actually! Le Gasp! Deets later!)



Me-Mades: Green McCalls 6696. I took this pic last minute, haha! See The Boy’s foot? He’s already in bed, ha!



Me-Mades: Trifecta Top! This picture is actually a Dramatic Recreation. I didn’t get a pic of the top on Friday, but I wore it again on Sunday, at my parents’ house. They have some marvelous light in that guest bedroom, beeteedubs.


05-31-14 01

Me-Mades: Pink Alma blouse! I wore this to a cousin’s graduation party (she’s this crazy  awesome doctor-baker-plant-grower-generally-amazing person, it’s INSANE), where I basically spent the whole time playing soccer and football with little cousins. I had a blast. =D

Oh, and just for you:

05-31-14 02

I was trying to make a funny face, but I couldn’t position the phone right, so you get half a funny face. ORRRR: look in the mirror on the side, there. HA!


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