Thurlowed Cambie

Remember my blue Cambie?


(Not the most recent picture of it, just my favorite =p)

Welp, due to some terrible noobish seam finishing which I mentioned earlier, it was coming all kinds of undone.

Thurlowed Cambie 12

Holes in seams…

Thurlowed Cambie 13


You know. The usual fally-aparty type stuff. So in the spirit of “Make do and mend”:

Thurlowed Cambie 14

I cut up the dress and used it to make some Thurlow shorts! Now, I’d made a muslin using the largest size (16, I think? I could be wrong, I don’t have it right here with me), and had some craziness going on with my crotchal area (doesn’t everyone, though, with pants?). There was a mysterious wedge that needed to be taken out, which is okay, that’s fine, Lauren mentioned having to do something similar. Only, my problem was this:

Thurlowed Cambie 17 Thurlowed Cambie 18

That is a mothertruckin’ two inch wedge, y’all. How would it even be possible to have to take out that much?? I’m not even a “petite” person, guys! It seemed so extreme that I even emailed Lauren to ask her how the hell this is possible (also, wouldn’t this give me the world’s tiniest, most useless fly?). She offered me some sage advice, and I decided to make myself a “wearable” (hopefully) muslin. And, well, the Cambie was sitting there, all holey and teary-aparty and whatnot, so I figured “well, that’s a damn good way to ensure I don’t waste expensive fabric, right?”.

Thurlowed Cambie 01 Thurlowed Cambie 02

So there we go! Some wearable-ish shorts. Spoiler alert: I only took 1 inch out of the crotch depth, instead of 2, to test the waters. I’m not one to worry overmuch about “whiskering” and “crotch issues” and all that (as long as I can still wear the shorts, ha!), so I figured if it gave me a little baby fupa, who cares? As the ancient Chinese proverb says, It is better to err on the side of FUPAness than to have a fly that is too short and useless. Right? I’m pretty sure I had a fortune cookie that said that once….

Thurlowed Cambie 03 Thurlowed Cambie 04

So, I’m not really sure about that whole crotch-depth nonsense, but I think it’s possible that the reason I was getting the fupa in the first place is that I wanted my shorts to sit lower on my hips than the pattern was drafted for. I like for my pants to sit up higher on my rise than my shorts do, is that weird?

Thurlowed Cambie 05 Thurlowed Cambie 07

They’re a little loose, even sitting this low on my hips, but if they sat up higher (where they should as drafted, and probably where they will as pants), they’d definitely be too big in the waist. Meanwhile, my ass is still nom-ing on the fabric a little bit, so I need to add more to the … idk crotch depth, height, fuckit-curve, whatever. I actually added 1/2″ to it after my green muslin shorts, but apparently it needs to be a bit more. Still, I’m wearing these suckers out and about; it’s not, like, Wedgie City.

Thurlowed Cambie 06

 I got confused about whether the right side should be on the inside or the outside of my pocket bags, so I ended up with pockets that look better from the inside of my shorts than the outside. Whatevs, the fabulous pocket facings prevent anyone from seeing the wrong side, and when I take my shorts off, the pocket lining and waistband facing all match, so PARTY ON, Y’ALL!

Thurlowed Cambie 08 Thurlowed Cambie 10

This is the part where every blogger ever apologizes for wrinkles. PSH. It’s cotton fabric, guys, it’s wrinkled as fuqq, and that’s after I ironed it. Who gives a damn?

Thurlowed Cambie 09 Thurlowed Cambie 11

DID YOU SEE MY WELT POCKETS? They’re fucking amazing. I followed Lauren’s tutorial (geez, Kristi, stalker much?), and after I had finished, I sat there staring at my INCREDIBLE WELT POCKETS, going


I was feeling SO smug, guys. Obviously, I was amazing, and SO SMART, and maybe even superior to Batman in this one thing. (Did Batman train really hard to be the best at double welt pockets? Duh.)

Then I looked at the pattern instructions. LOLWHUT. WTF DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN? Which side goes up? How is sews? Where scissor?

Sooooo…yeah. I slunk back to my batcave in ashamed gratitude for the internet and all of its many wonderful hand-holding, picture-infused tutorials.

 Let me wrap this up with a pro-tip: the pattern piece for the belt loops is going to be cut into sixths. SO, if you don’t have quite enough fabric to put that piece on, who cares! Cut it in half (like I did), or thirds or whatever you gotta do to make it fit. Use the shit out your fabric, so there’s barely even threads left over when you’re done with it. I feel super thrifty for doing these shorts this way, and I’m one step closer to my goal of pants-makingness in 2014!

 Thurlowed Cambie 15Thurlowed Cambie 16


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5 Responses to Thurlowed Cambie

  1. becki says:

    Wow! welt pockets! Those are such an accomplishment!
    Not only did you create something cute and totally wearable, its got welt pockets!

    Yay! Great job.

    • kristiellkay says:

      Thanks! All credit for those amazing pockets go to Lauren’s tutorial, cause SERIOUSLY. I would’ve just sat there, peed my pants, and started sobbing if all I had to go by was the written instructions haha.

  2. Lynn says:

    So sorry about your Cambie but nice shorts. Great job on the welt pockets.

    Tips: 1. has jeans zippers as short as 4 inches, in lots of colors. Great for low rider pants and shorts. 2. This year I have made two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts with old-fashioned side zippers. (look at me, so retro) My zipper skills are not so good so they look sort of wonky but most of my tops are long enough to hide them and I really like having the zipper on the side. Smoother front.

    • kristiellkay says:

      Thanks! And 1: WOW I never knew about WAWAK and HOLY CRAP DO YOU SEE THESE SALE PRICES? I’m going to buy so many zippers, and then just roll around on the floor with them, like my cat does. 2. The side-zip thing scares me for pants! Do you have good pattern recs for that? And do you have pockets?

      • Lynn says:

        Oh, I really need a pants side zipper tutorial myself because I’m sure I did it wrong. It never occurs to me when I start these things that I don’t know what I’m doing so I end up with a lot of things that are a little wonky but wearable.

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