Boop Beep Boop

I don’t have pictures of anything or anything really to say, I just kind of miss writing, so I thought I’d drop in and say a couple of random things. (Things which have no bearing on each other, or anything at all, really.)

  • I’ve been sick for the last few days, and it hit my like a truck, all of a sudden. Hopefully I’m on the mend, now.
  • When I walk out of my office at work, there’s a long, straight stretch of hallway, which is almost always empty. I have to restrain myself from sprinting down it sometimes.
  • Duncan Idaho got hurt, but now he’s all better. He pulled a muscle in his back, but since I know nothing about…anything important, really…I was convinced it was all kinds of things like bloat, parvo, rabies, I don’t even know what. Imagine my relief to learn (a rent-payment worth of Xrays later) that he just pulled a muscle. Seriously, I don’t regret spending the money to find out for sure that there weren’t any bone-type injuries. It kind of scares me to realize how completely off-the-mark I was in my panic-guessing what was wrong.
  • I made a V9668 little black dress, and wore it to Christmas. I like to wear it with purple tights.

Who knows when I’ll pop back in. I miss writing, but I don’t feel particularly inspired to write about my sewings-on. I made some stuff, most recently a Sewaholic Granville which looks awesome on my dress form, and like pajamas on my real life body. Maybe I’ll figure out the tricks to making it flattering this weekend, and suddenly be inspired to write about sewing again.

Would you believe I didn’t even think to put a new camera on my Christmas list this year? It never even crossed my mind, haha!


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