Diapery Nonsense

So, first, the elephant in the room:

7 Monthsish.JPG

me. The elephant is me. I’m in the room.

I’m 7 months-ish pregnant. I didn’t mean to ~hide it~ from the internet or anything, I just never got around to taking good pictures, which meant not posting about it, which eventually made it weird and awkward. The thing with being pregnant is it snowballs. I don’t get less-pregnant, so the longer I waited, the more awkward it got, until I finally just took a picture and posted it on Instagram Christmas morning, just to have it out there. So yeah. Minimal fanfare, and honestly, that’s about all the fanfare I could muster up for any social media venue. On Facebook, I posted a picture of the ultrasound with the caption “We made a thing.”

Obviously with something as monumental as pregnancy comes a massive drive to make all the things. I *ahem* sort of have a habit of setting myself some unrealistic goals, making it impossible to keep all of them. I know this, but I still set a million goals because they’re just so shiny, I can’t resist. I know I’ll only meet a fraction of them, and I’m trying to be okay with that. (I seem lazy and disorganized on the outside, but trust me, I’m dying on the inside. There’s an inexplicable perfectionist streak that never gets realized irl.)

With that said, I made a giant list of goals, and have been half-assedly tracking them, so I don’t wander around aimlessly and end up making nothing. I’ve made several things, and there are approximately eleventy billion more that I likely won’t actually get around to. I’m not going to pretend I’m not having fun, though, which is what I feel like is really important (assuming I have the essentials already, which I feel like we’ve more or less got a handle on *jinxes self, shut up, Kristi*).

One of the number one things on my list of goals was diapers. Holy crap will cloth diapers save you money over disposables, but holy crap are they expensive little suckers as an up-front cost. Having some sewing know-how really saves some money here, so I figured why not use it? We’re under absolutely no illusions that we’ll be exclusively cloth-diapering or anything like that, and we’re both going to be working parents so we already knew it’d be likely a daycare would need us to use disposables, but anything to help mitigate the costs will help. I figure we can use cloth at home, and disposable for travel/daycare. Regardless, they’re fucking adorable, so obviously I had to make some.

I bought my supplies before finding out gender, so I went with a nice, neutral royal blue (which I had thought was navy…) and lime green plain fabric. I already had some snaps and the snap pliers doodad from making some cloth “paper towels” (dear lord, I hate the term “unpaper towels”) that I could keep spooled on a roll. I also got some bamboo velour, because



Add some elastic, and lots of far-away shots that won’t get up close enough for you to see how awfully I could not sew a straight line, aaaand BAM:



Pretty cute, right?


Especially all put up in the drawer like so:


There are these soaker pad inserts I still need to make, so these aren’t actually finished, but whatever. The good thing about the soaker pads is I won’t have to keep making more as the baby gets bigger; they’re adjustable, and just lay in the diapers, so I can keep them even after the baby’s outgrown these teeny little diapers.

My parents also bought us a bunch of cloth diapers that are in a bigger size, and they look like they’ll be more adjustable (cuter, too), which is fantastic! To be honest, it was incredibly frustrating trying to sew these up (that velour stretches like a MOFO), and it’s going to be a while before my memory gets hazy enough to convince me to try again in a larger size.



But anyway, I used the Cloth Revolution free diaper pattern because duh, it’s free, and also pretty damn comprehensive. If there are different styles you want to try, check this thing out. Tons of options to customize. I went with just a basic, fitted diaper because I’m of a generation that only knows disposable diapers and that’s what diapers are supposed to look like. Also, I have no idea what I’m doing, and/or what will work best for my eventual kid, so yeah. I’m starting at a basic diaper, and we’ll see if I ever get the energy to expand out from there.


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2 Responses to Diapery Nonsense

  1. Darlene D. says:

    Hi! I just found your blog. Please go do some more baby crafts please and thank you. I like to craft but my baby is here now so I can only watch others on the Internet. Ok, I’m exaggerating. But not that much.

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