Bluebell Lingerie Set

I made a whole set of lingerie! I’m, like, a fancy person, now! I named it Bluebell, because holy crap there’s some Lulu Mae shit going on with this. (Apologies if your name happens to be Lulu Mae, but seriously. You have to be aware that your name is girly AF and country as all git-out.)

Bluebell Bra Set 01

I started with the bra, and then I decided I needed some matching undies because fancy. I’d already made the Fehr Trade lacy thong before, and despite my increasing measurements (totally all pregnancy and not at all taco-bell-related, honest) they continue to fit, so that’s where I started. The gingham is a woven, but I cut it on the bias, and it definitely worked. 5 stars, would do again.

Bluebell Bra Set 02

In these sorts of posts, people always tell you there’s no way to photograph undies and still make them look cute and tiny. I really wouldn’t know; these suckers are huge. The thong isn’t huge compared to my RTW undies, but let’s talk granny panties for a sec.

Bluebell Bra Set 03

I LOVE the look of Ohhh Lulu’s Grace panties, and that woven panel thing just makes me swoon. But her XL is for a 41″-42″ hip? WTF? I was really annoyed by this, and so I went about drafting my own pattern, to get roughly the same look. After seeing my finished product and how gigantic they are, I guess I can see how a smaller person might not even imagine a 50+” hip could exist. To be fair, these are specifically made to be granny panties (I don’t think hers are), so they completely cover my ass. (I was going to do that ass…ets joke thing, but meh. It’s my ass.) The leg elastic actually sits on my legs, cupping my butt, and that is the weirdest thing ever to me. I’ve never in my life worn non-thong underwear that didn’t turn into basically-a-thong underwear after a few minutes of wearing*.

But one of the points of consensus of having-a-babydom seems to be that you’re going to want some granny panties, so there we go. I actually compromised with myself to get over the awful horror associated with granny panties, and 1: made them see-through (except the woven front panel, and the crotch), and also 2: made the thong that also goes with the set, so it can still be a schmexy set. Speaking of that crotch, forgive my use of 2 pink crotch liners, one of them ridiculously hot pink. Here I am sharing my see-through granny panties on the internet, but the embarrassing part is that I used the first cotton jersey I could grab for the lining. =/

Onward to the bra! I used my corrected cradle piece with the extra inch in height, and with the CF fixed so that the underwire channels didn’t cross over one another so ridiculously. I think I actually am going to have to go back to having them cross completely. I have an extremely narrow space between my breasts, I guess. Makes for great cleavage, maybe?

Bluebell Bra Set 04

The extra height on the cradle ended up being more or less removed by some ridiculously wide elastic I used for the band. It’s like 3/4″ or something, and firmer than I’m used to. This’ll come in handy once I get the hang of it, but I pulled it too tightly when applying, so this bra gets uncomfortable after about 6 hours of wearing or so.

Bluebell Bra Set 05

I used the same cotton gingham for the bra cups, as well as some stretchy poly lace I found at Hobby Lobby, and everything is lined in the same white mesh I used in my granny panties (mesh was from Joann). My band elastic, straps, and hook & eye came from Arte Crafts on etsy, the elastic along the upper edge actually came from a gigantic spool I bought from Lace and Trims, also on etsy. The hooks and sliders are still left over from my Bra Makers Supply order I made (the last ones I had left, actually), and it’s hard to see, but the clear plastic swimwear hooks are from Merckwaerdigh.

Bluebell Bra Set 06

Even lined with the mesh, the gingham is actually pretty sheer. I would never wear an unlined blouse or dress made from it, for instance, but for underwear it’s double-plus happy good.

Bluebell Bra Set 07

Here she is stuffed on my dressform. Pretty gorgeous, right?

Bluebell Bra Set 08

And functional! (Hopefully.) I attached the swimwear hooks from Merckwaerdigh between the strap elastic and the fabric straps, so I can unsnap and hopefully nurse.

Bluebell Bra Set 09

Fairly easy to unsnap, but the end does fall over my shoulder when I do unsnap. Not difficult to retrieve, but still. Kinda annoying.

Bluebell Bra Set 10

And that exposes my dressform’s bandana-boob.

Bluebell Bra Set 11

Did you notice I closed her up and just stuffed the bra like I said I ought to do in my Bralogy post? Now my bras can actually close around the dressform, and you can get a better idea of what they look like on.

Bluebell Bra Set 12

*There’s one exception to the underwear-not-covering-my-butt history. At one point in my childhood, I did something I knew for sure I was going to get in trouble for (let’s not get into specifics). Knowing full well that I would get a paddling for it, I put every single pair of underwear I owned on, as well as some shorts and then my jeans, and then went and faced the music.

I don’t know if it actually helped lessen the sting of the swats, but the outermost pair of underwear got so stretched out that they always actually covered my butt completely from then on, haha! #cleverlikeafox


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2 Responses to Bluebell Lingerie Set

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Totally cute set!!! And congratulations on the butt-covering underwear. 🙂 though I don’t think butt coverage alone makes granny panties… 😉 too me that honour goes to a high and somewhat blousy rise…

    Anyway, these look great and make me wish I had underwear sets. I think you’re right about just letting the wires cross—I have seen plenty of other people do that who have close-set breasts. Though I’m not quite sure how you stitch the channeling down…

    Great set! 😀

    • Kristi says:

      Thank you so much! I didn’t think about the rise, honestly, because these can’t rise very high anyway haha! There’s a big ol’ belly in the way, and I’ve never liked my underwear to sit up too high anyway (tmi?).

      For the crossing-channeling problem, I’ve just been stitching it down without the wires in, and then I have to insert the wires from the side, rather than the CF. It’s not too much of a problem, since not very much of the channeling is stitched through, so hardly any wire-room is blocked. But I’m very much not expert at this yet haha. I could be doing it all wrong.

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