Good 2017, Nice 2017. Please Don’t Bite Me, 2017

*Warning: gratuitous baby pictures for no reason at all. Not even sorry.*

I imagine there’ll be a big resurgence in blogging for lots of folks with the new year, followed by a great big dropoff, the way gym memberships do, or kale sales, probably. 

But until I find that edge and drop off the face of the world once again, Hai! According to WordPress, it’s been 10 months since my last post, and I can’t even blame that on having a kid, because she’s only 9 months! Hahaha! 

But bad blogging habits aside, I sure do love the optimism of a new year. In this case, I’m not gonna lie, my optimism is extremely guarded. 2016 is like a really nice dog that turned around and bit me, so 2017 is kinda getting a slight side-eye from me for now. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

For me, personally, I’m basically just working on being the sort of person I could look up to. I’ve been in a rut as far as my sewing goes for far longer than I care to admit, and it kind of comes down to sewing things I’m not actually very enthused about because everyone else is doing it. (Fun fact: I have definitely jumped off a bridge because everyone was doing it, so….) Generally, if I am confident in my skills or knowledge, I’m more than happy to strike off on my own, and do my own thing. It’s when I don’t feel that confidence that I turn into a lost little lamb and start searching for a herd to follow. 

But now, my sewing time is limited in a way I’ve never experienced before

so hell if I’m going to waste my precious time making things I don’t want or like. I really, really enjoy the process of sewing (machine or hand), embroidery, beading, etc. Going forward, it is my intention to focus on quality over all else. My wardrobe definitely has gaps, and I have plans to fill them, but nothing is so pressing that I have to rush to complete them. I constantly set arbitrary deadlines and stress myself tf out trying to meet them, and usually end up cutting some pretty crucial corners in the process. 

Eff. That. Ess. (I’m not actually doing a good job of not swearing around my kid, yet, but meh. #workinprogress, right?)

I’ll be posting more later (famous last words, cough cough) about the projects I intend to tackle, but for now, happy new year, y’all. Sure hope it’s better than the bullshit year we had last year (excepting the exceptionally awesome things that happened, of course).


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