2017 Progress Check-In

Sunday, January 1st was a fairly laid-back day at my house. Da Boy played video games, I did some cooking, and I was able to do a tiny bit of hand sewing. (My machine slipped a belt or something, and I haven’t gotten around to cracking it open to check it out, so all my sewing has been hand sewing, lately.)

I beaded the neckline of my Christmas/New Years/Because I Want It Dress (my arbitrary deadlines kept flying by. The next is the Very Curvy Sewing Celebration on January 13th, but we’ll see). I feel like it needs more interest around that neckline; so far I’ve only beaded in a line following the neck. It definitely needs more, though, because this basically only gave it the same effect piping would have. Whomp whomp.

Mildly shiny piping, at least.

Anyway, I also got my waist stay made up from some petersham ribbon and a trousers hook-and-eye (as opposed to the dress style of hook-and-eye). I haven’t attached it to the seam allowance in the dress, yet, though. The dress still needs that, as well as hemming, and then just decoration. I’m debating making a belt or waist tie or something, too, because the dress doesn’t have a waistband, and I feel naked without one.

Monday, January 2nd, I didn’t get to work on my dress, but I did get a little bit of beading done on a collar I made to go with a new alma blouse I whipped up. The top took no time to make, but the collar is killing me, timewise. Oh well.  Getting lots of practice in for future beading projects, as long as they all involve nothing but straight lines of bugle beads. -_-

Tuesday, January 3rd, I got through tacking my waist stay to my dress waist seam in precisely one place. That’s it.

Wednesday, January 4th, I was able to get more tacked down, only to discover I put my hook and eye too far apart, and now need to move the eye further back (to make the waist stay tighter).

Thursday, I didn’t get any sewing done, but I did get some fabric pre-washed in preparation for a marathon sewing session.

On Friday, I cut out a Laundry Day Tee (by Love Notions), and sewed it up on Saturday. I don’t have any pics of it, yet, because I wore it all night and threw it in the wash today (Sunday). I also made some Leggins’ (also from Love Notions) for Baby Buggalo, using my leftover scraps. A+ on both, though I made a couple mistakes on my tee. Nothing I can’t live with, though, and I’m really in love with it.

Sunday I cut out some Classic Footed Pajamas  (Peekaboo Patterns), a Skater Skirt (Love Notions), some more Leggins’, and a t-shirt for Baby Buggalo (based off of the Pajamas pattern and modified). I got the skirt and the t-shirt sewn up on my serger. The skirt is perfect, but the t-shirt ended up being just a little too big. I’ve tweaked the pattern just a little bit (trimmed 1/2″ off the shoulder), and made the changes to the already-cut-out pajamas to see if that will be the fix I need. If not, then I think I may need to raise the armhole a little bit.

You may  notice everything I made was a knit; my machine is still busted, so I’m using my serger only. Unfortunately, my serger’s presser foot broke (ha ha ha of course it did), so I used some JB Weld to get it back together. I hopefully just didn’t do that great a job of applying the JB Weld, since the foot came apart again and put a stop to my sewing session. I’m going to attempt to re-apply it, and give it more time to cure, too.

Fortunately, this weekend was just supposed to be my testing-patterns-out weekend. Now that I know the Laundry Day Tee, Leggins, and Skater Skirt all work out, I can cut out multiple versions of them in all the fabrics I’ve been getting prepared. Once I’ve got the t-shirt pattern & pajamas pattern all figured out, I’ll be able to tackle everything at once. I have plans to use up every last scrap (Baby Buggalo and I might be a little matchy-matchy from now on, hahaha), so I can’t wait to get everything sorted out. Hopefully, I’ll be all set to sew by next weekend.


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