Sleep/Nursing Bras

In my effort to make-all-the-things for baby, maternity, and home, I knew I’d want some sort of nursing-friendly nighttime wear. I’ve heard that…leakage…can happen if you don’t have nursing pads while you sleep, and obviously you need something to hold them in place. Not to mention that it was becoming pretty apparent early on (in the first trimester) that I’d need some sort of nighttime wrangler o’ boobs, anyway. I’ve never seen the point of soft bras, prior to this whole maternity thing. They aren’t supportive enough for me (at least in my admittedly narrow experience), so why bother? If I need a bra (aka if I’m awake at all), I need a bra. If I don’t (aka I’m asleep), then why wear half-a-bra?

Welp, when you reach a certain point, it becomes obvious how helpful having a sleepy-time bra could be. I actually tried sleeping in a sports bra, but the racerback style has always hurt my neck after a while, and I woke up with the worst headache. I decided to look into making a sleep bra for myself, and eventually settled on the Sweet Blossoms nursing bra. There wasn’t that much info in the way of reviews, but it looked fairly simple and straightforward, and bonus points for it being nursing-friendly. So I gave it a shot, using the largest size “Lily”, as my jumping off point. (The sizes are all named after flowers, but it’s pretty clear which is the biggest and which is the smallest when you’re looking at the pattern pieces.)

The pattern is a digitized version of a hand-drawn pattern. It’s not schmancy at all, and to be perfectly honest, if I’d known how low-budg it was, I doubt I would’ve dropped 7 bucks on it when there are more professional patterns available. Not that there was anything wrong with it, I just expected more than the hand-drawn pattern pieces and the jumping-around kind of instructions that came with it. But regardless, I did buy it, so then I had to at least try to make it work.

My first attempt yielded something that I wouldn’t call wearable if it was supposed to be worn in public (like a swimsuit or something), but it’s okay for sleeping in. The front is just 2 identical pieces, mirrored and with a great big overlap, and the back is like a regular ol’ tank top (again, better for my neck and back than the racerback that my sports bras have).

Nursing Bra 01

Nursing Bra 03

The overlap on the front allows the nursing access for sleepy feeding times, I guess (having never nursed, admittedly).

Nursing Bra 02

There’s elastic all along the edges, but it’s not really that secure.

Nursing Bra 04

In addition to there being no real support on the bottom, the elastic just doesn’t pull tight enough to offer the coverage I’d feel more comfortable in. So yeah, I couldn’t wear it out in public, but for sleep it’s probably fine.

Nursing Bra 05

And for internet posting, I guess. Geez that’s an embarrassing picture, but look! Duncan is peeking out from under my arm in the background. There ya go, saved by dogs!

My dressform shows it a little more like it’s supposed to look, I’m pretty sure.

Nursing Bra 06

Nursing Bra 08

And just for funzies, here’s how the nursing access is supposed to work, too.

Nursing Bra 07

Since it feels like the armholes and neckline could stand to be tighter/smaller, I decided to try going down a size and adding an FBA for my next try. I did a 1″ FBA, although I’m not really sure if it counts as a 2″ because the front pieces are doubled, or…? I also opted to make it a camisole for sleeping in, mostly because I had the extra fabric leftover, so meh, might as well. I cut the front with an extra 6″ in width and then just gathered it when attaching the “band” elastic.

Nursing Bra 11

Nursing Bra 13

As you can see, it comes up higher and I feel like it has a bit more coverage for the arms and neckline, but it really doesn’t feel that great. I think I still might just hate soft bras. And again, because I guess I like exposing my dressform or something:

Nursing Bra 12


Inside out again:

Nursing Bra 09

And me wearing it again:

Nursing Bra 10

Comparing this picture to the first one, it really doesn’t look much better, does it? Oh well, it’s a thing to sleep in, who cares. I wouldn’t say I’m happy per se, but I’m satisfied with it. I can’t figure out how the hell the overlap/underlap is supposed to sit across my chest, but that’s true of all wrap tops. I can never get the hang of wrap dresses and surplice tops and the like. I doubt my baby’s going to be judging my nursing bra, anyway, haha!

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Diapery Nonsense

So, first, the elephant in the room:

7 Monthsish.JPG

me. The elephant is me. I’m in the room.

I’m 7 months-ish pregnant. I didn’t mean to ~hide it~ from the internet or anything, I just never got around to taking good pictures, which meant not posting about it, which eventually made it weird and awkward. The thing with being pregnant is it snowballs. I don’t get less-pregnant, so the longer I waited, the more awkward it got, until I finally just took a picture and posted it on Instagram Christmas morning, just to have it out there. So yeah. Minimal fanfare, and honestly, that’s about all the fanfare I could muster up for any social media venue. On Facebook, I posted a picture of the ultrasound with the caption “We made a thing.”

Obviously with something as monumental as pregnancy comes a massive drive to make all the things. I *ahem* sort of have a habit of setting myself some unrealistic goals, making it impossible to keep all of them. I know this, but I still set a million goals because they’re just so shiny, I can’t resist. I know I’ll only meet a fraction of them, and I’m trying to be okay with that. (I seem lazy and disorganized on the outside, but trust me, I’m dying on the inside. There’s an inexplicable perfectionist streak that never gets realized irl.)

With that said, I made a giant list of goals, and have been half-assedly tracking them, so I don’t wander around aimlessly and end up making nothing. I’ve made several things, and there are approximately eleventy billion more that I likely won’t actually get around to. I’m not going to pretend I’m not having fun, though, which is what I feel like is really important (assuming I have the essentials already, which I feel like we’ve more or less got a handle on *jinxes self, shut up, Kristi*).

One of the number one things on my list of goals was diapers. Holy crap will cloth diapers save you money over disposables, but holy crap are they expensive little suckers as an up-front cost. Having some sewing know-how really saves some money here, so I figured why not use it? We’re under absolutely no illusions that we’ll be exclusively cloth-diapering or anything like that, and we’re both going to be working parents so we already knew it’d be likely a daycare would need us to use disposables, but anything to help mitigate the costs will help. I figure we can use cloth at home, and disposable for travel/daycare. Regardless, they’re fucking adorable, so obviously I had to make some.

I bought my supplies before finding out gender, so I went with a nice, neutral royal blue (which I had thought was navy…) and lime green plain fabric. I already had some snaps and the snap pliers doodad from making some cloth “paper towels” (dear lord, I hate the term “unpaper towels”) that I could keep spooled on a roll. I also got some bamboo velour, because



Add some elastic, and lots of far-away shots that won’t get up close enough for you to see how awfully I could not sew a straight line, aaaand BAM:



Pretty cute, right?


Especially all put up in the drawer like so:


There are these soaker pad inserts I still need to make, so these aren’t actually finished, but whatever. The good thing about the soaker pads is I won’t have to keep making more as the baby gets bigger; they’re adjustable, and just lay in the diapers, so I can keep them even after the baby’s outgrown these teeny little diapers.

My parents also bought us a bunch of cloth diapers that are in a bigger size, and they look like they’ll be more adjustable (cuter, too), which is fantastic! To be honest, it was incredibly frustrating trying to sew these up (that velour stretches like a MOFO), and it’s going to be a while before my memory gets hazy enough to convince me to try again in a larger size.



But anyway, I used the Cloth Revolution free diaper pattern because duh, it’s free, and also pretty damn comprehensive. If there are different styles you want to try, check this thing out. Tons of options to customize. I went with just a basic, fitted diaper because I’m of a generation that only knows disposable diapers and that’s what diapers are supposed to look like. Also, I have no idea what I’m doing, and/or what will work best for my eventual kid, so yeah. I’m starting at a basic diaper, and we’ll see if I ever get the energy to expand out from there.

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Boop Beep Boop

I don’t have pictures of anything or anything really to say, I just kind of miss writing, so I thought I’d drop in and say a couple of random things. (Things which have no bearing on each other, or anything at all, really.)

  • I’ve been sick for the last few days, and it hit my like a truck, all of a sudden. Hopefully I’m on the mend, now.
  • When I walk out of my office at work, there’s a long, straight stretch of hallway, which is almost always empty. I have to restrain myself from sprinting down it sometimes.
  • Duncan Idaho got hurt, but now he’s all better. He pulled a muscle in his back, but since I know nothing about…anything important, really…I was convinced it was all kinds of things like bloat, parvo, rabies, I don’t even know what. Imagine my relief to learn (a rent-payment worth of Xrays later) that he just pulled a muscle. Seriously, I don’t regret spending the money to find out for sure that there weren’t any bone-type injuries. It kind of scares me to realize how completely off-the-mark I was in my panic-guessing what was wrong.
  • I made a V9668 little black dress, and wore it to Christmas. I like to wear it with purple tights.

Who knows when I’ll pop back in. I miss writing, but I don’t feel particularly inspired to write about my sewings-on. I made some stuff, most recently a Sewaholic Granville which looks awesome on my dress form, and like pajamas on my real life body. Maybe I’ll figure out the tricks to making it flattering this weekend, and suddenly be inspired to write about sewing again.

Would you believe I didn’t even think to put a new camera on my Christmas list this year? It never even crossed my mind, haha!

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OAL2014 Superlong Picture Post!!

So, remember when I mentioned that I was going to do the Outfit-a-long, hosted by Lauren & Andi? Welp, I did, even though I was kind of shitty at taking progress pictures along the way. No worries, though, I took shit-tons of finished-outfit pictures, though, to make up for it! (Also cause it’s pretty, dur.)

First, the yarn. UNF this stuff is sexy. It’s called “Charged Cherry”, and it’s exactly the kind of pink that The Boy and I argue over whether it’s red or pink (it’s so obviously pink, wth?). For the record, he has not offered argument about the sweater’s color, just when we encounter the color out in the world, such as when somebody had their rims painted “red” (which is a thing people do, I guess?). I bought it from my LYS, Park Avenue Yarns, where I just want to live forever.

OAL 01 OAL 02

It’s a cashmere/merino/silk blend (SEXYYYY), and I want to wear it all the time. Look at the subtle color variation! Just enough to give it depth, without turning into some weird, stripey, splotchy mess.

Unfortunately, when I went to knit the Myrna Cardigan in Size Large, I got all the way through one complete sleeve, and started the second, before I noticed a problem.

OAL 03 OAL 04

LAWL that armhole. It was way too big. I don’t know what exactly happened, since Andi is basically my gauge-soulmate (seriously, both of her patterns I’ve knit were SO easy to get gauge on), but obviously this was not gonna work.

Oh, also, this was the first dress I made for the Sew-a-long portion of the Outfit-a-Long, ha! It’s View B of S1803, but I’m not madly in love with it.

OAL 05 OAL 06

Frogging commenced, and I re-knit, in a Medium. As you can see, it fits way super happy better plus. Also, let’s not talk about the rubber band on my scissors. I was being dumb, and the experiment failed. Let’s move on to talking about the grey blob in the upper left that is Scout Ass.

OAL 12 OAL 11

Kidding! Let’s talk about how beautiful this sweater ended up! My buttons were from Fashion Sewing Supply (the people that sell that interfacing I go Gollum over), and the petersham ribbon I used to back the button bands came from Sunni’s shop. The buttons are incredibly cute, and I have tons more (if you click that link you’ll see, you get 25 of the suckers), but because my buttonholes are wonky as shit, I have to manhandle the buttons a bit to get them through both the sewn buttonholes (on the ribbon) and then the knit buttonholes (YOs in the pattern); unfortunately, I didn’t get them to line up super-perfectly. I only mention this because in man-handling the buttons, since they’re “natural coconut shell”, they’re kind of soft. My buttons all have indentations from my fingernails from the manhandling process. Now you know! Don’t do that.

OAL 07 OAL 08

Since I didn’t much care for my first version of S1803, I decided to make a second. First, let me just say that, for whatever strange reason, I feel like I have to do whatever everyone else chooses not to do. I don’t know why, and this stupid tendency usually manifests itself in the dumbest possible ways.

When I saw S1803, I frakkin’ LOVED view C. That adorable little notched neckline is the whole reason I even wanted this stupid pattern. Then, when the OAL happened, I somehow got it into my head that of course everyone was going to do view C, it’s the most adorable, so to be different and special and unique or whatever, I chose view B (I know, you’re saying breathlessly “what a rebel!”. Calm yourself.).

And I didn’t really have a problem with the V-neckline on that View B, but the lack of a waistband really bothered me, and the skirt wasn’t quite what I wanted, either. So, I decided to go ahead and make a second version. And THIS TIME, I went ahead and actually made the stupid dress I wanted. Who cares how many other people chose view C (btw, not that many, wtf Kristi)? The point of this was to have an outfit that I wanted, that I loved, and seriously? I live near like 2 sewists, and I’ve never bumped into them anyway. Not like we’ll all turn up to the party wearing the same dress, right? (Ha, I don’t do parties, y’all. See HERE for the perfect explanation.) {WARNING. Clicking that last link will make you lose hours of time. The comics are way too awesome; it’s a rabbit-hole of mesmerizing drawings.}

OAL 09 OAL 10

So anyway, that’s all the shitty pictures I hurriedly took and then posted to Ravelry. Now comes the better pictures, after I wore it to work and took advantage of the awesome light in my office!

OAL 14 OAL 15

So, as you can see, the dress is navy, with a pink waistband, and pink piping along the neckline. This was my first time using piping, ever, and I made it as hard on myself as I could’ve, haha. First I made my own bias tape from the same fabric I cut the waistband out of, because I wanted to make sure it matched (turns out I’m not great at making bias tape). Then, I used some paracord we have around the house (The Boy makes friendship bracelets manly, life-saving bracelets, belts, straps, etc out of paracord, so we have tons of it), wrapped it in my me-made bias tape, and stitched it using an adjustable blind-hemming foot I have, because it’s the closest thing I have to a zipper foot or any other specialty foot that isn’t a walking foot or buttonhole foot, ha! THEN I thread-traced the seamlines on my facing & bodice, and then hand-basted the piping to the bodice, so I could make sure it was going to poke out where it should (this is the only thing I did myself a favor in doing, guys. Hand-baste all the things, from now on!). I finally stitched it all up, trimmed, clipped, etc, and pressed the everloving SHIT out of everything.

OAL 17 OAL 19

It sort of worked. I mean, It’s obviously super-wearable, but this neckline wasn’t really the best choice for a first time trying to use piping, haha! And for whatever reason, even though the facing is totally interfaced, the right side of my notch has Ender-Ear Syndrome. Just the right side. No idea why, and I don’t care so much that I won’t wear this ALL THE TIME.

OAL 16 OAL 18

 The skirt & waistband were both from my M6696, which I had used to make my green shirtdress you see here. I really loved the pleating on that skirt, I felt like it was flattering and comfy and swooshy, and I already knew the waistband fit me fairly well, too, so I went ahead and used both of those. Unfortunately, I got all kinds of turned around when I was sewing up my skirt and ended up sewing it inside out, so my pleats ended up pressed TOWARD my CF, instead of AWAY FROM the CF (which is way more flattering, lolz), but oh wells.

When I stitched the bodice to the waistband+skirt, I ended up with a lot of not-quite-matching-ness. I just lopped off whatever stuck out (yeah, don’t do that), so now this dress is not what you would call Taco Bell-friendly. But whatever, it’s comfortable if you don’t eat too much haha.

OAL 20 OAL 21

 Ooh, another neat point! Since M6696’s skirt & waistband are for a shirtdress, they’re meant to open at the front, so the back piece is cut on the foldline, and there are 2 front pieces. Since my zipper was going to go at the back, I just used the back piece as my front piece, and vice versa (so my front was seamless and I had 2 back pieces, which is fairly normal for a skirt). Apparently, the pieces are subtly different, just enough so that my side-seam pockets sit just a tiny bit too far back. It was driving me nuts all day, like how did this even happen? Then I realized: WOW, I put the whole skirt on backwards (ON PURPOSE, EVEN). I deserve these awkward pockets.

OAL 22 OAL 23

 The combo of cardigan and dress is just too damn cute, though, right?!

OAL 24 OAL 25

 I also really like that if I wear the dress without the cardigan, my tattoo peeps out of the back, but the cardigan–even with the keyhole–covers it up completely, so nobody knows it’s even there.

OAL 26 OAL 27

I wasn’t all that enthused about taking these pictures because my skin is acting up. I bought some powder that my skin just does not like. I break out a LOT if I use it, but now I’m in a dilemma: do I throw it away when it’s brand new and I paid good money for it, or do I stubbornly keep it until I eventually use it all up and justify the cost of it even if my face is breaking out? Obviously I should do the former, but I already know I’ll do the latter, at least long enough for me to feel like the cost of the stupid powder (which wasn’t expensive, either, guys, it’s just drug-store makeup) was worth it.

OAL 28 OAL 29

Anyway, I really like how the sleeves turned out! I think they’re supposed to be poofier, but I have big ole guns, so the sleeves actually just fit me kind of nicely, without super-stretching like most knits have to.

OAL 30 OAL 31

I hemmed using rayon seam binding (again, from Sunni. I guess I bought like eleventy billion yards of it, haha).

OAL 32 OAL 33

OAL 34 OAL 35

 Haha, I gave myself a pedicure (with pink nail polish and sparkly nail stickers!) in order to wear these shoes and take pictures. Then it turns out my feet never even make it into a single shot, so here you go. Feets. Appreciate them.

OAL 13 OAL 36

So, I finished every single seam with rayon seam binding. EVERY. SINGLE. SEAM. It was the biggest bitch. It always starts out fine, and then you’re like, eh, I don’t feel like it anymore, BUT YOU HAVE TO BECAUSE YOU STARTED MUWAHAHAHA!

Ugh. I want to wear this stupid dress inside out, it’s so beautifully finished, and I resented most of it. I took my serger (bought from Goodwill, remember?) to the only sewing machine servicing place that I know of in the area, so I’ve been missing my serger.* So to the tune of all of the Red Vs Blue shows on Netflix, I painstakingly pinned, stitched, trimmed, pressed, stitched, pressed, and did it all over again, to all these stupid seams. My resolution to leave no seam unfinished deserves a gold frickin’ star, y’all.

OAL 38 OAL 39

Sorry for the flash, but I wanted to show you my handstitching, and it wouldn’t really show up without the flash. I kept the flash on when I photo’d the right side in the interest of fairness–see, no stitches visible!

OAL 40 OAL 42

I slipstitched the waistband inside (see that picture of sewing under a desk? I did the slipstitching at work, ha), and naturally I used pink thread, since the waistband is pink. DUMB. As you can see on the pic on the right, the stitches show through in some spots. The fabric for this dress is really quite thin, which is never more evident than when you’re trying to only pick up one or two threads and you keep going through to the right side of the fabric. =/ Oh well, nobody will ever even notice it.

OAL 41

My piping was too big and heavy for the neckline, really, so I had to whipstitch the v closed at the bottom a little bit, just to give it a little structure. Can I do that? Call it “whipstitch” when really I just ran the thread over and over? I think that’s technically whipstitching….

OAL 43 OAL 44

HAHA! I whipstitched the zipper after I had inserted it (I prefer to do it in that order, so I can be sure it’s long enough), but I forgot to cut off the rest of the zipper before I wore it. I walked around all day with a secret tail, haha!

*About that whole machine-servicing thing: when I first called to ask if they even do machine servicing, I asked about the wait. They said they tell people 2 weeks, but it’s usually done in a week. Okay, cool, so I drop my machine off, but I forgot the power cord. No worries, I’ll bring it by the next day.

BOOM! Next day, my car blows up (not literally, it just needed a new timing belt. There was no catastrophic engine failure, thank God). So after the car gets fixed (took a couple of days to get the parts and do the work), I’m good to go, I call the place and let them know I’m coming the next day to drop off the power cord. By this point, it’s been at the shop almost a week without the power cord. They say that’s great, see you then, etc.

When I drop the power cord off the next day, the lady that takes it is snotty and obviously irritated that I left my machine there for a week without the power cord. It’s pretty evident that the lady I’ve been in communication with has not spoken to Miss SnottyBitchPants about the whole deal, but whatever. Miss SBP lets me know it’s now going to be two-and-a-half to three weeks before my machine is ready. Okay, I guess it’s her personal punishment to me, or maybe they were suddenly inundated with machines that need to be repaired, whatever.

At the end of the 3rd week (4th since they’ve had it, but only 3rd since they’ve had it with the power cord), I call up and speak with another lady (whom I haven’t yet spoken with). I ask about the status of my machine, and she says “it’s on the shelf, I don’t know what that means, you’ll have to call back next week when the guy is here”. Wtf, seriously?

So the FOLLOWING WEEK (4th week they’ve had it WITH the power cord, savvy?), I call and Miss SBP (in a slightly less-bitchy mode, apparently) informs me that my machine is next in line to be worked on, so it should be done by the end of the week.

My question is, is this normal? I mean, I thought the initial one-to-two weeks thing was pretty excellent, it seemed very speedy for something like this. If they had told me on the phone that it would be a month, that would’ve been fine by me, too. I have absolutely no idea how long this sort of thing normally takes, since this is my very first time getting a machine serviced.

But this weird run-around thing is pissing me right the fuck off. See, I’ve already paid for this. It’s not like they’re dragging their feet and giving me the run-around because they think they’re not going to get paid. It’s bullshit.

Should they have told me it would take a month? I mean, is that the normal time-frame for this sort of thing? Or did something obviously go wrong, because it should’ve only taken a couple of weeks? I have no ideas, but I’m fairly certain I’m heading to that shop tomorrow and leaving with my machine, and my money if they haven’t done anything with it, yet.

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Thurlowed Cambie

Remember my blue Cambie?


(Not the most recent picture of it, just my favorite =p)

Welp, due to some terrible noobish seam finishing which I mentioned earlier, it was coming all kinds of undone.

Thurlowed Cambie 12

Holes in seams…

Thurlowed Cambie 13


You know. The usual fally-aparty type stuff. So in the spirit of “Make do and mend”:

Thurlowed Cambie 14

I cut up the dress and used it to make some Thurlow shorts! Now, I’d made a muslin using the largest size (16, I think? I could be wrong, I don’t have it right here with me), and had some craziness going on with my crotchal area (doesn’t everyone, though, with pants?). There was a mysterious wedge that needed to be taken out, which is okay, that’s fine, Lauren mentioned having to do something similar. Only, my problem was this:

Thurlowed Cambie 17 Thurlowed Cambie 18

That is a mothertruckin’ two inch wedge, y’all. How would it even be possible to have to take out that much?? I’m not even a “petite” person, guys! It seemed so extreme that I even emailed Lauren to ask her how the hell this is possible (also, wouldn’t this give me the world’s tiniest, most useless fly?). She offered me some sage advice, and I decided to make myself a “wearable” (hopefully) muslin. And, well, the Cambie was sitting there, all holey and teary-aparty and whatnot, so I figured “well, that’s a damn good way to ensure I don’t waste expensive fabric, right?”.

Thurlowed Cambie 01 Thurlowed Cambie 02

So there we go! Some wearable-ish shorts. Spoiler alert: I only took 1 inch out of the crotch depth, instead of 2, to test the waters. I’m not one to worry overmuch about “whiskering” and “crotch issues” and all that (as long as I can still wear the shorts, ha!), so I figured if it gave me a little baby fupa, who cares? As the ancient Chinese proverb says, It is better to err on the side of FUPAness than to have a fly that is too short and useless. Right? I’m pretty sure I had a fortune cookie that said that once….

Thurlowed Cambie 03 Thurlowed Cambie 04

So, I’m not really sure about that whole crotch-depth nonsense, but I think it’s possible that the reason I was getting the fupa in the first place is that I wanted my shorts to sit lower on my hips than the pattern was drafted for. I like for my pants to sit up higher on my rise than my shorts do, is that weird?

Thurlowed Cambie 05 Thurlowed Cambie 07

They’re a little loose, even sitting this low on my hips, but if they sat up higher (where they should as drafted, and probably where they will as pants), they’d definitely be too big in the waist. Meanwhile, my ass is still nom-ing on the fabric a little bit, so I need to add more to the … idk crotch depth, height, fuckit-curve, whatever. I actually added 1/2″ to it after my green muslin shorts, but apparently it needs to be a bit more. Still, I’m wearing these suckers out and about; it’s not, like, Wedgie City.

Thurlowed Cambie 06

 I got confused about whether the right side should be on the inside or the outside of my pocket bags, so I ended up with pockets that look better from the inside of my shorts than the outside. Whatevs, the fabulous pocket facings prevent anyone from seeing the wrong side, and when I take my shorts off, the pocket lining and waistband facing all match, so PARTY ON, Y’ALL!

Thurlowed Cambie 08 Thurlowed Cambie 10

This is the part where every blogger ever apologizes for wrinkles. PSH. It’s cotton fabric, guys, it’s wrinkled as fuqq, and that’s after I ironed it. Who gives a damn?

Thurlowed Cambie 09 Thurlowed Cambie 11

DID YOU SEE MY WELT POCKETS? They’re fucking amazing. I followed Lauren’s tutorial (geez, Kristi, stalker much?), and after I had finished, I sat there staring at my INCREDIBLE WELT POCKETS, going


I was feeling SO smug, guys. Obviously, I was amazing, and SO SMART, and maybe even superior to Batman in this one thing. (Did Batman train really hard to be the best at double welt pockets? Duh.)

Then I looked at the pattern instructions. LOLWHUT. WTF DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN? Which side goes up? How is sews? Where scissor?

Sooooo…yeah. I slunk back to my batcave in ashamed gratitude for the internet and all of its many wonderful hand-holding, picture-infused tutorials.

 Let me wrap this up with a pro-tip: the pattern piece for the belt loops is going to be cut into sixths. SO, if you don’t have quite enough fabric to put that piece on, who cares! Cut it in half (like I did), or thirds or whatever you gotta do to make it fit. Use the shit out your fabric, so there’s barely even threads left over when you’re done with it. I feel super thrifty for doing these shorts this way, and I’m one step closer to my goal of pants-makingness in 2014!

 Thurlowed Cambie 15Thurlowed Cambie 16

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